Basic Information and parameter of Cosmetic Labeling Machine

January 11 12:20 2022

With the development of science and technology, people more and more rich, the life entertainment has become more and more rich, is becoming more care about their dress and dress up,The consumer group of skin care products is expanding,It’s not just women,A growing number of men are also dressing up,The strong demand for cosmetics has led to the booming development of cosmetics and skin care industries.

Customers’ first impression of cosmetics is very important. For cosmetics, the delicate and beautiful bottle workmanship, will let a person produce a kind of high-end exquisite feeling. Customers are also more willing to buy. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good machine to make bottles, and paste labels.

Fineco is constantly optimizing the details of the machines that suitable for the cosmetics industry. Make the machine more productive and more accurate, fineco’s machine can achieve a label covering a circle on the bottle, the end and top of the label can almost exactly overlap, the naked eye does not see any error.

No matter in the Chinese market or in the international market, our machine users of cosmetics industry are very satisfied with our machines and services, and almost all customers will cooperate with company in the future.

Here are some of the machines that fit the cosmetics bottle:

1. For conical bottles, round bottles, this FK805 labeling machine is the most practical, can achieve double labels labeling function, can also achieve full label coverage function.

Machine Parameter:

1.  Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm

2.  Output (bottle/min): 15~50(can be changed configuration to increase speed)

3.  Standard machine size (L * W * H): 920*470*560 mm

4.  Machine weight: about 45KG

5.  Suitable bottle size: 15~150 mm in diameter, can be more customized product size

6.  People can add a code printer or jet printer to print the production date


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