China Songyang Merchants Conference held on the cloud with various customs

March 29 22:51 2022

“Drink Songyang tea, enjoy the spring, and spend the spring without regret”. On March 27th, the 15th China Tea Merchants Conference Songyang Yunshang Tea Festival “Cloud” opened. Wen Xiaoyun, deputy magistrate of Songyang County People’s Government, entered into the live broadcast room and introduced Songyang tea industry.

As the highlight of the “Songyang Fragrant Tea” special show, Lierbaobei, Tang Xiao and other head anchors are connected with local tea people in multiple points and broadcast live in multiple scenes, showing Songyang tea culture, tea industry and tea technology in a diversified way. The cumulative number of online viewers of the special event exceeded 1 million, and the sales exceeded 10 million yuan.

In March, Songyang spring tea is fragrant. The theme of this conference is “Songyang Tea Fragrant World”, which includes “Cloud” series of theme activities and four special activities, highlighting the concept of “tea people as the main force, brand as the protagonist and culture as the main line”. During the event, eight groups of “Top Ten Tea Winners” were also announced. They represented the standards and quality of Songyang tea, demonstrated the ingenuity and efforts of Songyang tea people, and endowed Songyang tea with richer connotations.

It has been 15 years since the China Tea Merchants’ Conference, and it has become one of the “Top Ten Tea Models in China”. Every spring since 2008, guests from all over the world gather in Songyang with tea as a medium.

Kong Xiaocheng, who shared it at the Cloud Spring Tea Party, became attached to Songyang because of the Tea Merchants Conference. In 2015, Kong Xiaocheng attended the Tea Merchants Conference and inspected the Songyang tea industry. Later, he came to Songyang from Shenzhen to set up an organic tea base and established Zhejiang Youguchun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. “Good tea should start from planting and come to Songyang. I feel everything is right!” Here, he invented six optimized intelligent tea refining systems, established a 100,000-class purification workshop, made tea with pharmaceutical environmental standards, and made organic tea restore its natural flavor.

As a kind of suitable area for green tea in China, the unique natural environment breeds Songyang tea, which is popular among the public. By the end of 2021, the ecological tea garden in Songyang reached 153,000 mu, and the output value of the whole industrial chain exceeded 13 billion yuan.

Songyang tea is a colorful picture of prosperous industry, rich tea farmers, beautiful villages and excellent ecology.

In the tea market in southern Zhejiang, people can see the rapid development of tea market. As the largest trading market of green tea producing areas in China, in 2021, the turnover of tea market in southern Zhejiang reached 6.568 billion yuan, driving more than 10 million mu of tea gardens in more than 10 surrounding provinces and cities, benefiting more than 3 million tea farmers. Songyang has also established three standardized tea green trading markets in key tea-producing towns, so that tea green can become a commodity directly.

In Songyang county e-commerce public service center, people can see the innovative practice of tea sales. In recent years, Songyang Tea has actively embraced the digital economy and vigorously expanded the e-commerce model. Live broadcast has become another main channel for tea sales. In 2021, Songyang realized the online retail sales of tea of 2.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 139%. Young tea people aim at tea farmers, tea gardens and tea markets, and a series of short videos reflecting Songyang tea culture, tea industry and tea technology make more people see and fall in love with Songyang tea.

Visitors can witness the practice of “double carbon” in the tea industry in the carbon neutral tea demonstration base of FAO. The base utilizes scientific and technological forces such as integrated irrigation system of water and fertilizer, monitoring system of Internet of Things, etc., and explores an ecological cycle planting and breeding mode combining green ecological tea planting and pig breeding, which basically achieves zero emission and zero pollution.

In addition, Zhejiang Zhentonghong Tea Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mingyang Tea Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and other leading enterprises have also introduced production lines such as instant tea powder and matcha processing, transforming from simple tea production to deep processing of tea, and realizing the extension of industrial chain.

In Hengshan Village, a hundred-year-old tea tree and a hundred acres of new tea garden are intertwined and set each other off, and people can feel the timeless tea culture in the fragrance of tea. In Damu Mountain, 10,000 mu of ecological tea garden and a hundred miles of riding tea ceremony, visitors can appreciate the unique charm of tea travel. Songyang has also built tea space and tea culture blocks to integrate tea elements into the streets and lanes, realizing the deep integration of “selling tea” and “cultural output”. It has built 8 boutique tea-themed tourist routes and more than 60 tea-themed homestays, achieving more than 20 million yuan in operational income.

People can see the infinite possibilities of tea technology in the Tea Germplasm Resources Garden of Zhejiang Province in Songyang. The intelligent tea picker and the whole mechanization project of tea production, which is a cooperative project between schools and local governments, are here to tackle the problem, and a new highland for the collection and preservation of domestic tea germplasm resources is being built here. He Weizhong, director of the Tea Research Institute of Lishui Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, said that the resource garden introduced a number of professionals, and through the resource retention and characteristic data collection of major tea producing areas, provided more abundant tea germplasm resources for the whole province, and carried out resource expansion and breeding of new varieties. This different tea tree is injecting technology “source” into the high-quality development of Songyang tea industry.

Songyang people grow tea, make tea and drink tea. Tea makes Songyang people rich. As the first pillar industry of agriculture, 40% of the population in Songyang County is engaged in the tea industry, 50% of farmers’ income comes from the tea industry, and 60% of agricultural output value comes from the tea industry. In the past five years, the average annual income of farmers in the county has increased by more than 10%.

Now, this “Golden leaves” is developing steadily and running hard.

Standing at a new starting point, Songyang is committed to launching the golden business card of “China Organic Tea Town”. With “organic development” as the industry guide, more and more tea farmers and tea enterprises began to explore the road of organic tea transformation and promote the high-quality green development of Songyang tea industry. This year, “Songyang Tea Online”, which is driven by digital reform, will be launched soon. Its biggest highlight lies in empowering the construction of “China’s organic tea town” and realizing the intelligent supervision from tea garden to teacup.

Looking into the future, Songyang will deeply plan and systematically promote the development of the tea industry, thoroughly implement the first strategy of “developing tea through science and technology”, work together to build a platform for common prosperity, play the melody of tea tourism integration and write a new chapter of common prosperity.

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