Ukraine Coin (UAC) The First Cryptocurrency Created To Help Ukraine

May 12 21:36 2022

A group of entrepreneurs have created the first cryptocurrency for investors who want to help Ukraine from the impasse it’s going through! UAC will help the Ukrainian people in the most difficult times, donating funds to their country for food, medicine and housing reconstruction.

  • The UAC Cryptocurrency is a unique project with high potential for early investors.
  • Launch date/ICO will be on The International Peace Day.
  • 55% of all the funds acquired before ICO will be sent as donations to Ukraine.
  • is the official website from where you can buy the currency before launching on international trading platforms.
  • The founders estimate a generous ROI for those who will not sell the coins before the ICO.
  • Until the launch date, coins can be bought in 3 stages.
  • A unique project through which investors benefit and at the same time donate to help Ukraine.
  • UAC evolution: $ 0.20, $ 1.00, $ 5.00, launch date $ 10.00.

Ukraine coin is developed on the BEP-20 network, the site is launched, the first rounds of pre-sale have started with good offers until the ICO date. The founders are well-known crypto investors and inventors of other successful currencies, they have other similar projects under development that will be launched after this project.

This time the founders want to be with the Ukrainians, they also want small investors to benefit from the purchase of tokens before the International Day of Peace and guarantee investors a gradual increase in the value of the investment. This is a unique opportunity to help and make money at the same time!

The purpose of this project is based on donations that will save part of Ukraine from financial problems.

Ukraine coin (UAC) can be purchased until the launch date on the official website, the coins/tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin or Credit Card and if you can’t handle it, the creators have provided instructions on the site step by step to show you how to buy. After purchase, UAC tokens will be sent to your wallet within 24 hours. Also, the founders have agreed to offer support for any issues or questions early investors might have.

The project is the only one that put 55% of the sales for donations, and the rest of the tokens and investments will be divided according to the details written on the official website.

The founders claim that there will be a massive increase in the price of Ukraine Coin cryptocurrency on ICO Day, which is why they have made presale with an irrefutable offer.

The launch date will be on Peace Day on September 21, until then UAC coins or tokens can be purchased directly from the official website.

International Peace Day is celebrated every year on September 21. It is dedicated to peace and especially to the absence of war and violence.

The Presale rounds can benefit all investors, there will be several stages with price offers, the first presale will be at $ 0.20 the token, stage 2 will follow with a price of $ 1.00, stage 3 will be sold at $ 5.00 and on the launch date the token will be sold at $ 10.00, it is assumed that after the launch date due to the very high flow of buyers, the $ 15 threshold will be reached.

Investors who rush to buy at the first presale round with $ 0.20/token will make the most money. If they buy $1000, ie 5000 tokens, on the launch date and they do not sell the coins by 21 September they will have a more than decent ROI!

The founders developed a unique project, investing and helping through Ukraine Coin (UAC).

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