What are the value factors that make good Tionrt products stand out?

August 02 04:42 2022

With the blockchain industry entering a mature stage, the rise of hundreds of new trading platforms, there will be a dark horse. Existing exchanges urgently need a revolution to share huge dividends with those in the industry. The magnificent prospect unfolds slowly in the encryption world, and after several rounds of blood washing, a variety of innovative products continue to emerge. And now Tionrt speed contract trading performance, basically verified our judgment at that time, and even exceeded expectations.

(1) what is Tionrt?

Tionrt Exchange is made up of Tionrt LTD.

Incubation, Tionrt LTD. Headquartered in New York, USA, it is a multi-strategy trading company specializing in market making, arbitrage, CTA and high frequency trading (HFT). Tionrt is one of the most liquid cryptocurrency contract exchanges in the world, providing traders with excellent order execution with a zero-cost or lowest-cost structure.

(2) how to interpret the Tionrt express contract transaction?

In the encrypted digital currency trading market, investors must be familiar with the word contract trading. In the blockchain world, people increasingly pursue fast and efficient transaction settlement methods. Extremely fast contract trading is relatively simple. First, choose the digital currency to be traded. The trading time range is 1min, 3min, 5min, and 60min. Set the transaction amount within the risk range that we can control, set the surplus stop loss, and place the order according to the technical analysis of the currency direction trend. The high-speed contract transaction is characterized by closing the position at maturity and settling on time. Tionrt Express contract has been highly recognized by the industry since it was launched with a rapid, efficient, simple and stable way of transaction settlement.

(3) the difference between extreme speed contract trading and traditional commodity futures

Compared with the traditional financial trading market, the encryption world is a completely market-oriented operation mechanism, which is a 24-hour uninterrupted transaction. Therefore, the fluctuation of the encryption world is also completely market-oriented, and the pace is much faster than that of the traditional financial market. The birth of Tionrt Speed contract can balance risks on the basis of high-yielding encryption market, put eggs in different baskets, allow investors to invest in encrypted assets in different areas at once, balance asset allocation, and help investors to bear lower risks than Token transactions on the basis of corresponding higher returns.

(4) the method of calculating profit and loss

The most important part of a contract transaction is the profit and loss calculation of the contract. Take the traditional contract as an example, different from the traditional commodity futures, each traditional contract does not fix a fixed number of digital assets, but a fixed number of USD. In other words, the USD value of a contract remains the same.

A BTC contract represents 100USD’s bitcoin, and the face value of a contract is 10USD relative to other currencies. Due to the leverage of contract trading, the investment risk is also very large, when the contract price fluctuates in a direction that is not conducive to investors, it is easy to force the closing of positions, that is, burst positions.

The price calculation of the extreme contract is only the price due at a point and a set time, that is, the price change before settlement has nothing to do with the final result. The returns and risks of electronic options are relatively fixed. A fluctuating return of 1% is the same as a fluctuating return of 10%. Our biggest risk is to lose its investment without holding up or greater losses.

The platform will settle on time after the expiration of the set time period.

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