Angelique Perkins Attends The 2022 Micheaux Film Festival

August 08 23:52 2022
Professional actress and model, Angelique Perkins, spotted at the Micheaux Film Festival as she continues to expand her reach in the entertainment industry

Angelique Perkins was recently spotted at the recently concluded 2022 edition of the Micheaux Film Festival, an annual event organized to celebrate the creativity of different stakeholders in the movie industry. The versatile actress is known for her passion and prowess in interpreting roles and helping to project message-filled content to inspire her audience across the globe.

I’m currently attending the Micheaux film festival to support my friends who have films showing.” – Angelique Perkins. “I’m an old soul and hopeful romantic. I believe the key to success and happiness is to focus on the positive. If it’s not making you happy to think about and it’s not helping you, don’t think about it.”

The movie industry has evolved significantly over the years, thanks to the emergence of filmmakers as well as actors and directors. Filmmaking has practically spearheaded the growth of the entertainment industry, with the lines between the market and other sectors becoming blurrier by the day. However, some names have been able to raise the bar, with the likes of Angelique Perkins showing their versatility across industries.

Angelique Perkins started out in beauty pageants and has grown over the years, honing her modeling and acting skills to become a name to reckon with as regards fashion and entertainment. The American Brit from Los Angeles and Indiana has worked with notable figures in the industry, including the CW network, and marathon productions, and studied under various casting agents and directors.

The decision to attend the Micheaux Film Festival was not surprising as she is known for supporting quality projects in the movie industry, irrespective of genre. In addition to being a passionate actress and model, Angelique has demonstrated to be an avid lover of animals, often participating in projects to rescue the older, neglected strays from shelters that are overlooked.

For further information about Angelique Perkins and her works as an actress and model as well as how she spends time rescuing animals, hiking, or swimming, visit her page on Instagram.

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