2022 May Be The Last Year To Get The Best Pricing On Solar Panel Installation In Phoenix. Watt Masters Is Here To Help

August 09 05:18 2022

Watt Masters Solar Electricians local family-owned and operated company delivers top-notch solar panel installation services in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding cities for residential and commercial customers. They help make the transition to renewable energy hassle-free, affordable, and built to last a lifetime.

Most people install solar to save money and control rising energy costs. Another benefit is that solar energy systems reflect an investment in the earth’s sustainability, maintaining non-renewable energy supplies, and saving the atmosphere. The long-term investment in solar energy can provide clean, green, and renewable electricity for our future generations to come.

In addition, these systems are cost-effective, ensuring that consumers do not have to think about paying large monthly bills after making an initial investment for installation. In fact, a home solar panel system in Phoenix often pays for itself in 7 years on average!

For multiple reasons we’ll discuss below, 2022 may be the last “best time ever” to make the switch to solar.

To encourage environmentally sustainable practice, the US government offers 26% tax incentives and grants to dramatically lower installation costs. But this tax incentive is decreasing to 22% by 2023 and it’s planned to be discontinued and go to 0% by 2024!

Moreover, solar panel technology has improved dramatically over the past few years. As a result, the cost of solar panels has dropped exponentially over the years and is at its lowest point due to technological advances and it becoming a widely adopted renewable energy source amongst many home and business owners. But inflation and a shaken supply chain is causing prices on everything to rise…

At the same time, all utility costs are surging upwards with inflation and other factors. So, homeowners should not miss out on this amazing opportunity to save money, control unpredictably rising energy costs, and help protect the environment by getting solar panel installation in 2022.

With a wide range of Residential Solar Installers in Phoenix, it’s tough for people to find the best system according to budget and durability. Here Watt Masters Solar Electricians comes to action with its modern yet reliable Solar Installation in Phoenix services. 

Watt Masters saves you an incredible amount of time and money by being a one-stop shop for commercial and residential customers interested in making the transition to renewable energy. They take care of everything from A to Z; from planning the right system size, to the design of the system, whether it is best as a roof mounted solar panel system, ground mount, solar awning shade structure, or even a solar carport. They take care of all permits, inspections and even help with the rebate process. They are committed to the idea that moving to a greener lifestyle should not be a hassle.

When asked, are solar panels worth it in Arizona? Watt Masters said, “Solar power in Arizona is the key to a clean energy future. With the government’s Solar Tax Credit and equipment prices going down, we strongly believe that now is the last perfect time to get solar panels and save money on your electricity costs. But act now before it gets too late! We are a local family-owned and operated solar panel installation company that will help you early with choosing the right type of solar panels for your house or business and, over the long term, will help you save the most amount of money possible. In addition, we take care of every part of your solar installation to ensure the job is done right. Since 1999, dependability and quality are what we deliver to each one of our customers. We were one of the first solar installers in the Phoenix area! And our reputation has been solid and reliable ever since. That’s why you can rely on us when you’re ready to go solar!”

Take advantage of Phoenix, AZ’s unmatched sunny weather and discover a system that will pay for itself within the first 10 years! From consultation to post-install, Watt Masters Solar Electricians provide homes and businesses with exceptional solar panel installation services custom tailored to their electrical usage needs. Being one of the first and most experienced solar installers in Phoenix, customers can be assured that their solar energy system will achieve maximum power output and maximum financial savings.

The most important thing that the company is proud of is one thing: excellent customer service and quality workmanship built to last a lifetime. Rest assured, their customers will have a brand-new solar panel system installed with easygoing friendly service, optimal efficiency, and done right to ensure your safety. And like with other installers, you won’t have to worry about the installation crew as you will only work with Watt Masters employees, they don’t outsource or subcontract anything – this ensures you get the best quality and safety measures every time.

As a fully-licensed installer for all types of solar systems, Watt Masters can provide the right solution for whatever solar electric power needs their residential or commercial customers have. They handle everything from roof-mounted solar panels to ground mounts with careful consultation and expert installation.

Climate emergencies are being announced on a national, regional, and local level. Now is the time to act and drive down businesses’ carbon emissions. With Masters Solar Electricians, companies can lower the carbon footprint and promote a greener and safer earth. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition by showing your customers that you care. Moreover, commercial businesses can monitor their solar panel system through Watt Masters ongoing monitoring systems.

Experience hiring the best of the best; the Watt Masters Solar Electricians team strives to be the best and most reliable solar installation service by offering quality solar panel systems, unbeatable service, competitive pricing, and the best quality workmanship around.

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