Background Camera launched on Google Play

August 12 19:00 2022

Weixi Inc, a provider of backstage shot software, has announced that they have released their Background Camera app on Google Play. Check it on Google Play page:

With the high-quality backstage shot software, Background Camera, you may capture pictures and film videos without seeing a preview. Whether you are conversing, using another application, viewing a live broadcast, playing a game, or when the device is locked. High-quality films and photographs can be taken at any time. The app’s features include the ability to keep one’s images and videos private, Pinlock support, a custom text watermark feature, automatic video file splitting, unlimited video length, front- and rear-facing camera support, as well as the ability to shoot in the status bar and record a video while the screen is locked.

The app’s majority of features are free. No ads, shooting in the background, icon replacement, adding a watermark and a custom watermark to photos and videos, hiding media files, concealing media files, super black screen function (a black view that can cover any other app to simulate the screen is off state), and one tap quick shooting are all included in the subscription version.


When recording videos and you don’t need to use your phone, we advise using black screen mode rather than pressing the power key. This is because due to system limitations, the device will enter power saving mode and turn off the hardware with high power consumption, such as the camera, when the screen is off for a long time. This results in an abnormal video recording.


Back in October 2017, women took to social media to share their experiences of sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement went viral, spurring a national and global discussion on the issue. Many women have since come forward with their experiences of being sexually harassed by colleagues and bosses, costing influential men in the entertainment industry and the media  including journalists at NPR. And yet, there has been little data collected on the national prevalence of sexual harassment. In such cases, all of this could be presented as proof if anybody else had secretly recorded this unlawful events and the evidence used against the accused using Background Camera App.

Checkout on how Background Camera App works on:

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