How Nimas Assembly Became the #1 Assembly Service Provider in the United States

November 23 00:51 2022
Nimas Assembly is an American company specializing in providing assembly and disassembly services for TV mounting, fitness equipment, wall hangers, appliances, outdoor & indoor furniture, and more.

Assembling a new closet, a reclining chair, or a TV mount is not supposed to be difficult. With the right tools, skills, and an instructions manual, this process was meant to take about an hour, which is more than most people can afford to spend on anything other than their work, family, or rest. 

Many people do not possess power tools that could whittle down the time required to perform basic assembly or disassembly tasks, the space to ensure the process is safe, or the skills. That is where Nimas Assembly comes into the picture.

Nimas Assembly is a premier American assembly service on a mission to help American consumers effortlessly assemble or disassemble their furniture, mounts, fitness equipment, appliances, and other items. 

Relocating to a new home is a difficult, time-consuming process, especially if large pieces of furniture are left intact. Moving agencies and services are typically capable of moving even the largest beds, dressers, wardrobes, and home equipment, but they usually charge dearly for such services. Nimas Assembly offers top-of-the-line professional assembly and disassembly services, enabling American homeowners to seamlessly pack, empty their old places, and move into their dream homes with significantly lighter burdens of transportation. 

According to data sourced from the United States Census Bureau, a total of 27.1 million Americans moved in 2021, which amounts to approximately 8.4% of the country’s total population. Many freshly-relocated couples and families have trusted Nimas Assembly with their assembly & disassembly tasks and have entered a new chapter in their lives happier than ever.

Buying a new sofa or an expensive fridge only to see complex instructions can feel disheartening. The peerless quality of service and unbeatable prices of Nimas Assembly services encourage beginner DIY enthusiasts and American consumers to spend less while receiving the same, if not better, service relative to engaging individual technicians, most of which tend to overcharge their customers. 

In recent years, hundreds of new sports and fitness gyms have appeared on the map. Some have relocated to bigger venues while emerging firms are yet to bring their equipment to a new place. Nimas Assembly has helped innumerable gym owners disassemble and assemble cutting-edge training bikes, treadmills, benches, and other machines at highly approachable prices. 

What sets Nimas Assembly apart from contemporary alternatives is its rapid response and dedication to satisfying each need of every client. Nimas Assembly professionals are experts with years of experience and unbridled passion for their work, striving to keep all of the company’s clients satisfied with the services they provide. Whether it be basic home furniture, the latest appliances, or bleeding-edge equipment, Nimas Assembly pros know how to put them together and pick them apart. 

More information about Nimas Assembly is available on the company’s official website.

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