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November 23 13:50 2022


In 2021 China battery companies increased the introduction of thinner copper foil, and many companies have used their advantage by processing copper raw materials for battery production. To improve the energy density of batteries, companies are speeding up the production of thin and ultra-thin copper foils below 6 on the copper scale measurement.

Copper Foil in Power Battery

The need for batteries across the world is increasing rapidly, with medical devices, construction, automotive, and solar panels all requiring batteries to function. However, there are so many other uses for copper.

1 Copper Batteries

Low-cost batteries are missing in lowering the cost of renewable energy. The answer may lie in high-performance copper batteries. Copper batteries appear to retain their capacity, and last for a long time. At several cycles per day, the batteries could have 30 years of life on the grid.

In 2019 the role of copper in renewable power generation was outlined as a key piece of the puzzle that had been missing. In the future, clean energy will require a larger portion of the global energy mix as we phase out fossil fuels. A huge range of copper batteries will be required to meet consumer needs.

2. RA Copper Foil

Calendered copper foil is rolled copper foil, produced by physical rolling. This can happen by using several different methods.

  • Rough rolling is where the ingot is heated and rolled into a coil.
  • Ingoting, the material is loaded into a furnace and rolled into the spherical structure.
  • Acid pickling, after rough rolling the product, is cleaned with a weak acid solution to remove impurities.
  • Annealing involves the internal crystallization of the copper, by heating it at high temperatures to reduce hardness.
  • Roughening, sometimes the surface is roughened during high temperatures to strengthen it.

3. ED Copper Foil

  • Electrolytic copper foil is structured copper foil usually manufactured by chemical methods. It is placed in a sulphuric acid solution.

Then in a copper sulfate solution for rotating. It absorbs copper ions and generates copper foil, and the faster it rotates the thinner the copper foil.

  • Slitting or cutting, where it is cut into the required width in rolls or sheets according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Testing, where a few samples are tested to ensure strength and toughness
  • Roughened, where the surface of the foil is coated, sprayed, and cured to strengthen it.

Copper foil is highly versatile, and there are now so many uses for the product. The finished items are expected to meet regulations and undergo rigorous testing.

4. Copper Foil in Shielding Techniques

Copper foil is also used in activation techniques. It is tough due to its good mechanical strength. Another advantage is the lack of resonance in the thermal region. and has been used in the construction of electromagnetic shielding rooms. At the Bejing University of Technology, electromagnetic shielding was applied when constructing a wood-based electromagnetic shielding room. The shielding (MDF) was first laid on the roof surface, then on the surrounding walls, and lastly on the ground.

Shielding is used to protect signals from being interrupted by external electromagnetic signals, and to prevent signals from interfering with surrounding ones. It also protects staff in surrounding offices from strong currents. Copper is the most reliable choice of material when shielding from radio frequencies because it absorbs both radio and magnetic waves. It is also effective when attenuating electrical and magnetic waves.

5. Interesting Copper Research

Lithium-ion batteries play a huge part in modern technology used in so many of our devices. Research is constantly carried out in our Universities and Colleges. A team of researchers found that adding copper atoms to iron fluorides results in producing a new group of fluoride materials that can store lithium ions and can actually store three times as many cathodes, leading to the cathode becoming more energy efficient. Inside the battery the ions shuttle between the two electrodes. As the cathode absorbs the ions the battery releases power. Once the cathode can accept no further ions the battery is depleted. And of course, it is time for a recharge! This is so very interesting and illustrates the importance of copper perfectly.


Surpassing ourselves and pursuing excellence is our Mission Statement, and what better way to achieve it than with copper?

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