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November 23 22:57 2022

Holiday Parrots, the ultimate travel blog, was launched in 2020 by Tom Cooper, a renowned travel enthusiast. The idea of his blog was born, on the one hand, from the desire to share his experiences. And on the other, to advise all those travelers in general.

He is dedicated to sharing experiences, whether crossing the city to discover the pleasures of new neighborhoods or crossing the oceans to explore every corner of the planet. His mission is to get out of the routine and go on a journey full of discoveries. It doesn’t matter if the journey is long or short or if the challenges are great. What Tom seeks are opportunities to look at the world in a questioning way and marvel at what it receives in return.

And for this reason, traveling for him is a lifestyle with multiple faces. From that low-cost adventure to a trip with a defined itinerary and a generous budget, it’s all about exploring new places and getting to know new cultures, rhythms, foods, people, or languages. Whatever your style, traveling is about being open to the new and the unexpected. Even changes in the itinerary can lead you to unique experiences and even more perfect trips.

Therefore, Holiday Parrots brings information about the world of tourism, especially tips to help people travel more and better. On the blog, you will find several articles and photos, ranging from the most exotic destinations to the best restaurants and hotels/resorts.

Most of the published stories are about destinations in Europe and North America, two regions that combine extraordinary nature and a mixture of cultures. But that does not mean that other parts of the globe are forgotten. Topics about Asia, the Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, and Central & South America are also addressed. All topics are diverse, from places to visit, activities to do, and things to see and eat.

This shows that Holiday Parrots is a comprehensive travel blog, and Tom wants to give the best advice for travelers of all levels, from beginner to experienced. Thanks to his travels, he has acquired a vast knowledge of the world and its wonders. So every traveler can take advantage of this to make the best out of their trips.

He is always looking for new places, different themes, and of course, stories from other trailblazers. And with these endless possibilities, Holiday Parrots invites you to explore the unknown and enjoy the beautiful places. At last, you will find out that traveling is much more than just getting away. It’s about discovering yourself and the world around you. So follow Holiday Parrots and start exploring the world from a new perspective!

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