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November 24 15:27 2022


Why is there a need for a new legal identity that differs from one person to another? It may be needed to avoid a challenging or life-threatening situation or travelling incognito to another country. Accepting the idea of developing a new identity is scary, but Amicus International Consulting is the solution. 

People who have lived for more than 60 years sometimes realize they are not the person they were or wanted to be. Family adversities changed their life or adulthood when their marriage suddenly came to an end or financial disaster hit. Amicus International Consultanting can help get a new legal identity and relieve the stresses of life. 

Solutions are created for clients handling challenging and unique situations. There is no need to visit the country for the citizenship process. Amicus has experience of nearly 60 years in helping clients get a new identity. 

They refer clients in difficult situations to highly reliable and trusted sources affiliated with several legal Nationality & Residency Programs. Amicus International consultants simplify the new legal identity approval process and support clients from the start to the end of the process.

Starting fresh with a new identity sounds simple on paper, but it is a complicated task. Clients fill out a contact form and begin creating their new life. Applying needs total commitment, which Amicus International Consulting can help with.  

The contact form is evaluated thoroughly to determine if the client is serious about getting a new identity. If approved, then the process starts immediately. 

Amicus International’s team creates a detailed analysis. Every detail is examined to ensure that the client’s story aligns with every variable of their new identity.

They help to develop a detailed life story blending with the client’s identity during the application process. The team creates an exclusive adaptable backstory/legend to suit your situation. 

Amicus International Consulting acquires all documents and backstory related to the new identity of the client.

Changing identity is difficult, but professionals can help fill the gap between the possibilities and reality. The client’s confidentiality, anonymity, case-sensitive data and biometrics are well-secured at every step.

Services offered include getting –

  • Second Passport

  • New identity

  • Anonymous living

  • Anonymous travel

  • Reputation rebuilding

  • Extraditions

  • Social rebranding

  • Crisis management 

Amicus International Consulting can create a new backstory/legend that can be used to get a new legal identity.

Rather than creating a fake ID with no backstory or legend to support it, go with the professionals at Amicus.

Amicus International Consulting offers a VIP membership, which clients can gain direct access to multiple trusted Government connections across the globe.

Get a free consultation & reinvent yourself with a new legal identity!

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