Equinox Technology LLC Launched a New Business Venture

November 24 19:21 2022

In September 2022, Equinox Technology announced a new business venture called Enigwatch. Equinox Technology LLC, owned and operated by Laurent Putra, is currently operating three different businesses: Sohnne Inc., Koizuma, and Art Digest. The company is starting to produce innovative, high-quality watch winders and luxury vaults for discerning watch collectors.  


Enigwatch is a manufacturer of innovative, high-quality watch winders and luxury jewelry safe boxes. Quality, design, and affordability are driving factors. Enigwatch utilizes cutting-edge design mechanisms for extraordinary control and dependability. In addition, at every stage of production, the highest quality materials are always used. As a reflection of the appreciation for engineering and design that watch collectors share, their mission is to consistently produce watch winders with exquisite designs and classic styles to match the elegance and precision of the luxury watches they protect.

Operated by Laurent Putra, he gave an insight into the reason behind the watch winder business, Enigwatch. “Winding watches manually each time they are used is such a hassle. Not only that, frequent manual adjustments cause wear and tear on the watch. I am a watch collector myself, and I am fully aware that watches should not be left stationary for too long.” He explains. “When you own a collection of watches, it can easily stop. The process of winding a watch can be simulated mechanically, so watch winders have become a necessity for many watch enthusiasts.” He finishes.  


Laurent Putra described the purpose of a watch winder. He mentioned that it is crucial to keep an automatic mechanical watch wound at all times. An automatic watch that has been stopped for an extended period of time may develop internal rust, which can easily result in wear and tear when it is restarted, reducing its life and its ability to keep accurate time. Manually adjusting complicated functions on an automatic watch, like a perpetual calendar or a moon phase indicator, can be very challenging. An automatic watch winder ensures that watches are correctly wound at all times.


The company wishes to always be “Your Valuables’ Infinite Safeguard.” The variety of watch winders is fairly wide, but wood is the most common material. Numerous wood watch winders also have distinctive scents, are durable, and are resistant to corrosion and insects. Other watch winders besides the traditional wooden ones have an exterior made of carbon fiber. In order to satisfy the disparate interests of the public, Enigwatch offers a variety of watch winder models. 

About Enigwatch: 

Enigwatch has spent the previous three decades fine-tuning its products through meticulous planning, precise execution, the use of only the best materials, and an exceptional sense of aesthetics. The brand has mastered the art of producing designs that will withstand the test of time by combining strong safety measures with technical know-how and a dash of ingenuity. The objective is to assist users in reimagining their collections in a manner that reflects their distinctive tastes and highlights their most priceless possessions. 

For further information about Enigwatch and its new products, visit https://enigwatch.com/

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