Author and Founder of NMK Academy, Dr. Nadine Mounzer-Karam, authors an experience-based new book that teaches readers to turn their grief into a meaningful life.

December 06 08:06 2022
Recent release “From Grieving to Changing Lives: Secrets to Turning Your Grief into a Meaningful Life & Inspiring Others to do the Same,” by Dr. Nadine Mounzer-Karam, is a revolutionary guide to turning struggles into meaning.

Highly acclaimed Doctor in Communication, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Mediator, Trainer, and founder of NMK Academy, Dr. Nadine Mounzer-Karam, has launched her latest book. Dr. Nadine brings together her multidimensional expertise and versatility in 14 coaching and communication books that echo her belief in the power of communication. 

Dr. Nadine shares in her new book that ‘life doesn’t come with a clear guide,’ it takes many twists and turns that many people find themselves lost in for a long time. Knowing that life is full of suffering, loss, and disruptions, Dr. Nadine authored her latest book focusing on her personal experiences to empower others to turn their struggles into opportunities for growth. “Always find a way to turn your life crisis into an opportunity to look more inside of you, find your true north, and help others.”

While many people find this stand easier said than done, Dr. Nadine’s personal journey helps people see that there is always a way out of even the worst situation. But people must first learn to master their minds and face their fears. “At Crossroads, it is what your mind keeps telling you that will lead your life. This is the power of the mind.”

After successfully facing her own physical, mental, emotional, and financial grief, she wrote her new book, “From Grieving to Changing Lives: Secrets to Turning Your Grief into a Meaningful Life & Inspiring Others the Same.” The book is a heartening recount of her struggles and her journey of courage to grow and change when life dealt her blow after blow. She looks back on the life-changing 4 years and 4 months that changed everything for her and how she learned to work her way back to meaning.

“Within four years and four months, I chronologically lost my office in an explosion, my little brother in a road accident, my first baby Michael in the fifth month of pregnancy, my aunt to cancer, and my dad to a heart attack,” she recounts. “During that same timeframe, I also gave birth to my two children, Kevin and Kris.” She continues to say, “from the outside, I was leading a ‘normal’ life. From the inside, I was a total mess.”

Dr. Nadine is sharing her experience because too many people get stuck in their grief and forget that it is possible to be reborn, find meaning in life and help others do the same. It doesn’t matter what kind of struggles anyone is going through; this book provides relatable experiences that will help people wade through the murky waters and find their way to new meaning. Through this book, Dr. Nadine can reach many people and help them overcome their grief and abolish fear to find their way in life and inspire those around them who might be struggling.

“From Grieving to Changing Lives” is now available on Amazon. Readers can also catch Dr. Nadine on NMK Academy for life, business, political, and academic coaching.

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