Saving life through HLA typing, he lit the light of hope for others

December 06 12:42 2022

Mobilizer injection, blood test, blood stem cell harvesting… the HLA typing for Yu Meng, an employee of NHU’s Shandong Production Base was finally finished on November 16. From Weifang to Shandong Provincial Qianfoshan Hospital, the 7-day experience was an appointment about life between Yu Meng and the potential recipient who he had never met before.

If it wasn’t for his time off, we wouldn’t have known about this. Yu understated: “If the matching is successful, I can save a life. And what’s needed from me is nothing more than just a few forms to fill and some blood to draw”.

In fact, this was not the first HLA typing for Yu Meng. In December 2021, he tried to donate for a child, but failed to do so as the high-resolution typing wasn’t ideal. In August this year, he was called again, and made the second attempt without hesitation: “Life is precious, and I just have to try. I’m ready to be the donor”.

Yu Meng, aged 27, is a junior management of our company. With a giving heart, he has been a volunteer for blood donation for 6 years. Since he become a member of the company, he has donated 17 times with a total of 4,800 ml of blood.

It all started 5 years ago when he registered as a blood donor. He had no idea back then that it sowed a seed that would bloom the flower of life one day.

“The success rate of a ‘match’ between unrelated people is only 1 in 1000,000 to 1 in 10,000”, he said. When asked about the opinion of his family, he said: “My whole family is in favor of blood donation, and they root for me this time as well. Although in Hubei, they had called to support me”.

The night before his departure, Yu Meng was still doing experiments in the lab and started to “check” his prentice when he showed signs of impatience. “He always quenches my impatience with a series of questions like a big brother. Thanks to his ‘special care’ ,I could do the job independently one month ahead of schedule”, said Yu’s prentice.

“After this year’s overhaul, the workshop debugged the processes that had technological upgrade. In order to accelerate the progress of the experiments, Yu Meng took on more shifts to analyze and debug. Even when he was hospitalized for HLA typing, he didn’t forget to talk to me about the debugging. That’s how engaged he is!”

Love connects people. Yu Meng builds a connection with two complete strangers through blood. He holds an “umbrella” for people “in the rain”, sharing his love with the world. 

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