Airica (Air) Kraehmer’s Lasting Impact – 2 Groundbreaking Audiobooks Set To Release On Christmas 2022 And January 13th

December 31 00:18 2022

Airica (Air) Kraehmer is a remarkable embodiment of triumph and resilience. After years of healing and advocacy, Air has finally been able to produce two audiobooks that are set to release on Christmas 2022 and January 13th (Human Trafficking Awareness Day) titled Models Stop Traffic and Trafficking Aftermath.

These books were first released years prior, Models Stop Traffic was first published in 2015, becoming a national and international bestseller. Trafficking Aftermath was released shortly after in 2017, also becoming an international bestselling book.

Air has turned the theme of “overcomer” into her core branding; her life has gone through so many transformations already –  from top model, to victim, to a survivor, and now a successful business owner, executive director, and award-winning, bestselling author. Her story is one of immense courage and determination in the face of adversity.

In November 2022 Air was awarded the Warrior of Hope Award in Miami – an honor that recognizes survivors who have taken their pain and used it as fuel for advocating against the horrors of human trafficking. The award is further testament to Air’s commitment to ending trafficking through education, community outreach, awareness, and philanthropy.

In addition to her upcoming audiobooks, Air plans to continue her efforts in raising awareness about human trafficking with upcoming public speaking engagements throughout the US. Air is looking forward to another new book release titled I FELT THAT in February, 2023.

The release of Models Stop Traffic and Trafficking Aftermath Audiobooks will provide listeners with insight on how they can participate actively in preventing human trafficking, while also learning how they can best support survivors along their journeys towards healing.

These powerful audiobooks will also bring clarity and direction on how we can all work together towards eradicating modern-day slavery from our world, once and for all.

You can support Airica (Air) Kraeher’s nonprofit FWA Women Survivors by donating at or join her in healing together at, her apothecary and metaphysical stores help survivors receive vegan and organic products and healing tools.

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