CRO Cyber Rights Organization, the First International Organization Comprised of Young Experts Helping Victims of Cyber Crimes

January 03 22:00 2023
CRO Cyber Rights Organization is a Netherlands-based organization offering legal and techinal assistance for victims of cyber crimes. It trains non-government organizations & human rights professionals, hosts guest lectures, and organizes conferences, as well as provides consulting sessions and assistance with cyber crime investigations, assessment, and monitoring.

The frequency of cyber crimes has dramatically increased in the previous several years. From cyber stalking and bullying to phishing, image-based sexual abuse, non-consensual dissemination of intimate images, gender-based online violence, cryptojacking, and malware attacks, the level of global cyber security has plummeted. As the world sought refuge in the digital space amid the Covid-19 pandemic, more targets became available to cyber criminals, who now possess more advanced technologies than ever. 

To ensure cyber rights are established as a norm for all internet users equally and locate online threats reliably, quickly, and efficiently, a revolutionary organization was created in the Netherlands called CRO – Cyber Rights Organization

CRO Cyber Rights Organization is the first international organization to boast a team of young experts with impeccable backgrounds hailing from all corners of the world. At its helm, Reputationup’s CEOs Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio, Director Annachiara Sarto and Head of Research and Advocacy Silvia Semenzin, PhD, on a mission to curb cyber crime on a global scale. 

This organization has taken a group of highly experienced legal experts with backgrounds in international, criminal, and humanitarian law, as well as human rights and cyber crime under its wings. CRO’s team excels in pentesting, digital forensics, big data, web analytics, web geolocation, and a broad range of other disciplines, the combination of which enables them to efficiently and dependably locate online threats and respond timely and adequately to mitigate and often prevent any damage from coming to pass. 

The Organization’s director Annachiara Sarto imparted that CRO has already helped numerous individuals that have been targeted by malicious actors: 

“Within our path, we have assisted legally and technically many victims of cyber crime, vulnerable victims who have seen their privacy deterred by just a click, survivors of gender-based violence online like sextortion and non-consensual intimate imagery distribution” said Annachiara Sarto, the director, and co-founder of CRO Cyber Rights Organization.  

CRO is on a mission to preserve cyber peace between individuals and digital modernity and envisions a world in which cyber civil rights are a subject of legal defense internationally, for instance by helping survivors of gender-based and image-based sexual abuse, sextortion, doxing and online human trafficking.

Often dismissed as a “branch in its infancy”, digitalized counterparts of established civil rights have long since matured and are in a dire need of legal protection. Cyber Rights Organization is tirelessly working on extending their help to victims of cyber crimes, offering them legal and technical assistance, researching the most advanced forms of cyber attacks, developing sophisticated countermeasures, and training individuals and organizations so they are equipped with the tools and knowledge required to withstand and repel any form of cyber crime. 

“What is the future of human rights on the web? Can we do more to raise awareness in the European and international community about the protection of the online-life of female citizens? On the importance of Cyber Civil Rights? On achieving international Cyber Peace?” propose Head of Research and Advocacy Silvia Semenzin, PhD. “CRO Cyber Rights Organization will work to counter and eliminate all those alterations that violate human dignity under the digital aspect, and all that long series of digital crimes which degrade and cruelly break into the online life of female citizens around the world.”

To ensure its vision becomes a reality, CRO Cyber Rights Organization is actively collaborating with numerous NGOs, experts, and institutions, sharing valuable research and promoting better practices that would benefit global cyber security.

More information about CRO Cyber Rights Organization is available on the Organization’s official website.

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