Newborn, Maternity, and Family Photography by Bree Adams Photography

January 06 22:00 2023
Every photograph tells a story, and the star of that story is the one that is captured. The value of a professional-looking picture has only increased as high-quality camera phones have made photography more accessible.

Bree Adams began taking photographs as a hobby. Her first job was photographing charitable organizations out of a small studio in the Dallas area. Bree Adams of Bree Adams Photography is a full-time Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with Professional Photographers of America, a highly coveted title held by less than 10% of full-time photographers. She is a certified master photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, family, and milestone photography.

“Our attention to artistry and detail distinguishes our work from the competition. Our expert staff has a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. We capture unforgettable images of children and families that will be passed down through generations, ” Bree Adams mentions.

A professional photographer like Bree Adams Photography is an artist who pours years of knowledge and experience into each photograph. They understand how to frame a striking shot, manipulate composition, light, shadow, texture, color, and focus on creating mood, beauty, and energy, and how get the most out of any subject. They are also storytellers whose work can help to enhance what is captured visually.

Bree Adams is an international multi-award-winning maternity, newborn, and family photographer. The team over at Bree Adams Photography specializes in high-end and luxury experiences. Their services go beyond the ordinary.

Bree Adams Photography has extensive knowledge of body tricks. Simple changes that will make anyone look their best. They understand how to emphasize specific features while downplaying others. They provide original, exclusive work. The services offered by Bree Adams Photography in Mansfield include:

Maternity and Newborn Photography

As an award-winning photographer, Bree Adams Photography prepares luxurious photo sessions to create a permanent celebration for generations to come, for the mothers-to-be and the newborns. Bree Adams creates unforgettable and treasured memories.  

Milestone and Family Photography

Bree Adams’ photographs capture the excitement and spontaneity of a new life in its first year or on special occasions. She finds a story anyone can tell, whether it’s a posed or candid shoot with parents, siblings, or the entire family. Her imagination and attention to detail will ensure that any special occasion is remembered for decades.

Customer Testimonials

Clients of Bree Adams Photography are thrilled and highly recommend professional photo sessions with Bree Adams. 

“I never imagined myself hanging a boudoir photograph! But after seeing what was captured and how many of the images were classy and lovely, I had to print some for my bedroom. It’s amazing to start each day with a reminder on the wall that I’m beautiful. Especially when I’m not feeling particularly glamorous at the start of the day.”

“I knew the session would be classy but intimate because I had previously worked with Bree. I was not worried about her doing any type of tasteless poses. I was also confident that she would make me look my best.”

Individuals or families interested in booking a photo session with Bree Adams Photography should visit their website for a free consultation.

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