From Struggling Immigrant to Successful Author: Pasha Tay’s “Not Your Mama’s Bible” is a Must-Read for Anyone Looking to Improve Their Lives

January 09 20:06 2023
Not Your Mama’s Bible, published by SKAII Publishing, is a highly-rated booktok that offers a refreshingly straightforward approach to self-help. Dubbed the first “BS-free” guide of its kind, this book encourages readers to take control of their own lives and break free from outside influences. Pasha Tay, the author, says: “Get ready to “perform a banana split” and transform your life with this must-read book.”

Pasha Tay, an author with a unique perspective, is pleased to announce the release of his newest self-help book, “Not Your Mama’s Bible” (NUMB). This book, hailed as one of the boldest guides of its kind in 2023, is now available for purchase at leading digital bookstores worldwide.

Many individuals struggle with self-identity and finding meaningful connections with others or themselves. Pasha’s book, “Not Your Mama’s Bible,” offers honest and practical guidance to help readers build a strong foundation in their lives. Instead of superficial platitudes, readers will find authentic advice and support in this book.

A reader who reviewed “Not Your Mama’s Bible” described it as a refreshing departure from other self-help books, praising the book’s honesty and usefulness.

“Most I put down right away because they are filled with unicorns and rainbows of things you should do. However, with this book, you find a human connection with the Author almost immediately. He shares unfiltered raw experiences and emotions that we all feel in the real world but often dismiss them because it’s what we are trained to do.”

Pasha Tay’s “Not Your Mama’s Bible” is recognized for its powerful themes that encourage readers to dig deep and believe in their own abilities to achieve their goals.

“In this case, the author Pasha Tay helps you reflect on those moments and helps you feel more comfortable and confident in being able to face them and deal with them in a way that puts yourself in a position to be successful by prioritizing yourself above all,” added the reviewer.

Not Your Mama’s Bible allows readers to identify ‘garbage’ in their lives so they can drop the heavy weight and set themselves free, build confidence and self-worth, and achieve their goals using essential skills. 

With its emphasis on self-examination, belief in oneself, and stress management, “Not Your Mama’s Bible” is a multifaceted self-help guide that aims to improve readers’ overall well-being and happiness. Pasha Tay’s book also provides valuable insights into building genuine friendships and meaningful relationships.

Another reader lauded Pasha Tay for coming up with a bold self-help book that is “fantastically written and simple to follow.” This reader was particularly impressed by the book’s clear and straightforward style.

“If ever you feel lost and need guidance on your path in life, this book will give you a fresh perspective. An essential read for anyone looking to build upon themselves and reach their ultimate potential. Enthusiastically recommend”.

Pasha Tay, a street-smart philosopher and first-generation American, has lived a multifaceted and tumultuous life. After fleeing from an eastern European nation with no support, money, or language skills, Pasha had to learn how to thrive in a new country. Through his experiences, he developed the resilience and determination to overcome obstacles, own his mistakes, and turn defeats into successes.

Today, Pasha Tay is a jack of all trades. He’s a writer, interpreter, songwriter, engineer, and investor who craves to give back by sharing his discoveries about life with readers.

“Not Your Mama’s Bible” is available for purchase at leading digital book stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books

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