Click2Mail Streamlines Online Emailing, Mail Creation, and Mail Listing With Advanced Browser-Based Tools

January 09 20:48 2023
Click2Mail is an online mailing platform offering comprehensive browser-based tools for creating, personalizing, and proofing mailpieces. The company offers a suite of sophisticated mailing apps at highly approachable prices.

Conventional “paper” mail is all but done in today’s day and age. Although over 306 billion emails were sent online in 2020, the United States Postal Service (USPS) alone handled more than 200 billion mail pieces and packages in the same year. 

As one of the most reputable online mailing platforms, Click2Mail is catering to the traditional and online direct mailing needs of thousands of customers nationwide. The company offers a broad spectrum of mailing products, lists, and applications and offers them to its customers at remarkably approachable prices. 

Click2Mail’s spokesperson defined the firm as a customer-centric company on a mission to ensure its customers’ mail is delivered quickly and reliably, and that Click2Mail harnesses the power of forward-thinking strategies, tactical partnerships, and cutting-edge communication technologies, stating the following:

“Our mission (is) to bring our customers the best conventional mail through the invention and adaptation of unconventional technologies. To that end, we are continually forming partnerships, researching and investing in systems that bridge the worlds of digital and hardcopy communications,” Click2Mail’s spokesperson said. 

From postcards and notecards to rack cards, booklets, letters, secure mailers, certified mail, and priority mail, to brochures, every door direct mail, card stocks, and more, the catalog of Click2Mail’s mailing products is as comprehensive as it is eclectic.

Businesses seeking quality direct mail marketing services will find their needs catered to by Click2Mail’s experts. This firm offers a host of premium-quality mailing applications designed to fit any mailers marketing needs. The menu of Click2Mail’s mailing applications comprises but is not limited to Mailing Online Pro, Email-toMail, Mailjack+, Easy Letter Sender, Click2Mail Zaps, and more. 

What separates Click2Mail from contemporary alternatives is its mailing list offering. From real property and prior week new movers to consumer, resident occupant, and data analysis mailing lists, the firm’s customers can quickly and reliably create thoroughly organized, clear lists in no time. 

The firm’s spokesperson stated that Click2Mail’s long-standing partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) has enabled the company to leverage one of the broadest mailing networks and deliver predictable, consistent results for almost two decades, stating:

“Key to our success is the fact that we are a trusted and accredited partner of the world, largest, longest serving, and most successful organization dedicated to the delivery of letters and packages to businesses: the United States Postal Service (USPS). Each year, the USPS delivers more than 200 billion pieces to the mall to more than 144 million homes and businesses,” said the company’s spokesperson. 

The company offers a range of special mailing services to businesses in need of marketing sales and personal mailing products, as well as numerous browser-based mail creation and customization tools.

More information about Click2Mail is available on the company’s official website.

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