Gabriela Addie, Top Rated Permanent Make-up Instructor at Art of Beauty Academy

January 11 20:33 2023
Building a reputation is paramount to getting more clients and being “Top Rated” proves a success. Rated five stars by her clients, Gabriela Addie, owner of the Art of Beauty Academy, is one of America’s most sought-after permanent makeup artists and instructors.

Waking up with a perfectly made-up face is no longer an unattainable dream thanks to permanent makeup, a beauty procedure taking over the industry one tiny needle at a time. Permanent makeup is not new; it was first used to treat alopecia in the 1980s. As time passed, experts discovered new applications for it, such as assisting burn victims, vitiligo patients, and cancer survivors, as well as those with arthritis or Parkinson’s disease who may struggle to apply makeup on their own.

Gabriela Addie, the owner of Art of Beauty Academy, says the procedure has advanced significantly since when it was first used.

Gabriela is one of America’s most sought-after permanent makeup artists and instructors. She is the founder of the Art of Beauty Academy and an award-winning trainer, master artist, and instructor. She has spent her entire life perfecting and teaching the art of microblading.

“The art of Microblading is more than just picking up a blade after a class and making hair-like strokes. It’s all about channeling your inner Picasso and leaving your client speechless,” says Gabriela Addie

Gabriela’s success stems from her unwavering desire to learn and perfect the craft she adores. She has developed her skills in Europe and North America and is now regarded as a leader in semi-permanent and permanent cosmetic procedures.

Gabriela opened her academy in 2014, Art of Beauty Academy, and shared the knowledge and experience she had gained over the years. Gabriela has found new success as an instructor because of this. Despite being named the best permanent makeup instructor in America and receiving numerous awards, her greatest accomplishment is the hundreds of students who have passed her classes worldwide.

“I have mentored, trained, and helped hundreds of students worldwide become successful permanent makeup artists with the academy’s help. This is one of my greatest accomplishments, and I am grateful for it more than any other award or recognition I have received,” said Gabriela Addie.

Today, Gabriela’s small team of highly skilled professionals is among the top-rated academies in America, Europe, and the entire world. Gabriela is still the determined, passionate professional she was when she began her career. And her work continues to inspire everyone she meets.

Client Testimonials

The Art of Beauty Academy, led by Gabriela Addie, is rated five stars by their clients with many excellent reviews as they rave about the exceptional services received.

“Gabriela is very knowledgeable and patient. She took the time with each person to help us with whatever we needed. After passing all the levels, I feel confident moving forward with my career.”

“I highly recommend taking a class with master Gabriela because she’s honest, professional, personal, kind, and very informative. Her classes are simple yet thorough. What sets her apart from the rest is her amazing team.”

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