Living in Corruption – A Tale of Survival & Family Culture of Joseph Sal Lo Giudice

January 13 12:44 2023

A memoir can tell many things about a person’s journey in his own words; it provides a deep insight into the author’s mindset of events in his lifetime. It also comforts someone experiencing relatable things and inspires those seeking something more. Life Memoirs are both intimate and all-inclusive; in telling their story, the writer is often storytelling to a huge audience.

Memoirs are an insight into a person’s life that depicts cultural values or backgrounds and exemplifies a window into their lives. They permit us to get a glimpse of the fascinating personalities that are far removed from our own experiences. And when we finally read these memoirs, we gain insight into their family structure, culture, beliefs, ideologies, and other important aspects of their lives. Through these perceptions, a greater understanding of the “differences” of people around us can help us construct bridges of inclusion, compassion, and empathy.

Living in corruption is a fascinating and engaging story of survival that describes the significance of family values and the importance of providing for the family while adjusting to American culture and way of life. Joseph Sal Lo Giudice is the author of this riveting book. Joseph, also known as Joey Salo, was raised in the Marlboro projects in Benson Hurst, Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Lo Giudice has lived and worked in New York for several years. However, he mainly worked as a Babar at Rockefeller center for 22 years.

Mr. Lo Giudice’s book living in corruption is one of the best memoirs in which the author highlights several family members’ influence on his life. The novel also includes the life story of his older brother and ideal personality, Johnny boy, his parents, younger siblings’ friends, and his parental Grandmother.

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