Business Consultant Aduke McCoy is Featured in a New Professional Profile

January 17 08:04 2023
Business Consultant Aduke McCoy is Featured in a New Professional Profile
During the course of the interview, the executive business consultant revealed some fascinating ideas, opinions, and insights.

Erlanger, Kentucky – January 17, 2023 – Renowned executive business consultant Aduke McCoy is pleased to announce that she is featured in a new professional profile which was published on December 16, 2022. The magazine feature, which was conducted by the writing staff of an online periodical that concentrates on matters of business, thought leadership, and entrepreneurship, touches on a variety of topics centered around how Aduke has achieved professional success.

At the beginning of the interview, Aduke is asked to recount some noteworthy experiences from the early days of her consultancy. “In the early days, I started working out of my home, consulting on the side for people that I already knew—neighbors, friends, colleagues, et cetera. From there, my business grew through word-of-mouth,” she recalls, elaborating further, “Soon, it was no longer something I could honestly label as ‘on the side,’ and I had to make a choice to either embrace this new development and expand it or forget about it entirely. Being an enterprising individual, I chose the former.”

In another section of the profile, Aduke McCoy dispenses some valuable advice for any novice or would-be entrepreneurs in the readership, saying, “The best advice I can give for business success is to start locally and ascertain what the needs are in your immediate community. This applies to any business operating in any industry. Then, once you’ve figured out what your community needs most, think about how best to provide a workable solution and make that the core of your business. It could be a product or a service, but so long as you’ve effectively addressed a pressing need, success will inevitably follow, and setting up the rest of the business ought to be, if not easy, at least organic.”

Anyone interested in reading the interview in its entirety will find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Aduke McCoy is invited to visit her professional website.

About Aduke McCoy:

Aduke McCoy is a business consultant from Erlanger, Kentucky. She received her Ph.D. in Social and Human Services before entering the workforce as an executive business consultant specializing in educational matters. In her professional capacity, she has contributed to the founding of many small businesses, such as childcare centers, tutoring agencies, and private schools. When she has spare time, Aduke enjoys exercising, serving as a Zumba instructor in her local community.

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