Author Sabrina Oxford Releases Surprising Facts on 100 Different People

January 19 16:14 2023

About Sabrina Oxford & 100 Facebook Friends

Sabrina Oxford is a well-known author of over 12 books and content creator. She is known as the “Queen Of Kindness”; dubbed by her many fans across the globe. The writings of Sabrina Oxford illuminate humanity, kindness, and development.  She has launched her 4th book in the series called, “100 Facebook Friends”.


This unparalleled book is a remarkable one to feature. Motivating elements, and a unique perspective, make it an excellent read for any reader.

Kindness is a hidden treasure that nearly every person has. However, many people cannot realize how to express this emotion to the world. 100 Facebook Friends stimulate those people and show them a pathway to do something better for humanity or work on their soul development. It actually tells you short stories about 100 people’s lives. It motivates you about doing acts of kindness. Best of all, it will establish your faith in humanity. This book is for people of all ages yet youngsters will connect more to this book.


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Who are the Names & Faces in this creatively unique book?

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Surprising Things Said In This Book…

Sabrina knows how to explain the whole story in a sentence. Here are some remarkable things Sabrina said in her book: “100 Facebook Friends” that teach you many great life lessons.

“Death Is Upon Our Door Each Day. Someone Is Going To Leave And Someone Is Going To Be Born.”

By getting involved in our lives too much, we forget the reality of life and death. We never know when we are going to die. If we keep our deaths in our minds, our perspective, our dealings, and our way of living life would change, completely. The people who ponder this reality prioritize being kind to others and develop a sense of forgiveness and patience in them.

“Take time in life to also enjoy what you are doing.”

Social impact is necessary for our lives. However, sometimes we involve the norms of society too much in our lives that we leave our happiness behind. We strive to do those things that keep us financially and socially stable. Sabrina condemns it and says we must take time in our lives to enjoy what we like to do or what we are doing.

“The truth is, the only one in the world who can tell a person what they can, or can not, do is you.”

It is one of the best lines in the book that describes the influence of your words on other people’s lives.


Ordering this book helps to send a foster teen to college. THAT’S RIGHT! Sabrina Oxford gives HALF her profits to People Reach out On Foster care (“PROOFS” for short) and this Charitable Company developed scholarship programs for those emancipated out of the foster care system, or the first generational off-spring. These programs not only help them pay for college but also teaches them often missed “life lessons that are needed to be successful adults in a working world. Read more on her website:

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