Zach Zurn’s Peerless Quality of Production Work Nets Gold Records for Emerging & Established Artists

January 20 00:06 2023
Zach Zurn is a producer and songwriter from Rochester, Minnesota. Zach owns and produces at Carpet Booth Studios in Rochester and is widely sought-after for his unique production style. Numerous artists he has worked with have reached gold records and have charted, such as Yung Gravy, Doctor Elvis, and many others

Many know him as the guitarist of the band Author, but most musicians and music fans know Zach Zurn as one of the best music producers in Minnesota and beyond. By combining his natural charisma and highly polished production skills, Zach is able to help each artist he works with reach desired goals. 

Being a musician, Zach knows what other musicians want and need in terms of production. He is the founder, owner, and lead producer at Carpet Booth Studios located in Rochester, Minnesota, which is widely regarded as one of the best-equipped studios in the area. 

From vintage Fenders, Rolands, and Marshall amps over high-end Neumann, Audio-Technica, AKG, and EV microphones to cutting-edge drum kits, monitors, and an array of pedals, Zach ensured musicians that come to his studio can channel their creative energies without worrying about musical equipment. 

What separates Zach from contemporary music producers is, aside from his vast knowledge of music production techniques, his charisma. Many artists have dubbed him “professional and easy to work with”. 

Zach and his team at Carpet Booth Studios have worked with numerous high-profile artists; from Michael York and Tabby to Gully Boys, Yam Haus, Night Moves, and the award-winning Yung Gravy, who has coined multiple gold record awards by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for singles Zach produced, such as “Betty (Get Money)”, “oops!”, and more. 

Zach Zurn is constantly polishing his production techniques and seeking new ways to make his style even more unique. Artists across the nation come to Rochester knowing that Carpet Booth Studio will provide them with the tools they need to climb the ladder. 

More information about Zach Zurn is available on his official website.

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