BITNOU presents its first milestone “BITNOUSWAP”, an all-in-one DeFi Ecosystem of Apps running on Binance Smart Chain.

February 01 08:28 2023
BITNOU is a blockchain company that is making waves in the crypto industry with a focus on quality, security, and transparency. The company’s mission is to support and accelerate financial inclusion, promote and stimulate technological advancements, and increase the accessibility and inclusiveness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovations in the Caribbean and beyond.

BITNOUSWAP decentralized exchange (DEX) will allow users to engage in direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions without the need for a central authority. It features DeFi yield farming, staking, limit orders, and high liquidity pools.


Subsequently, BITNOU Presents the Innovative BITNOU ID, a Blockchain/NFT-based Smart Digital Business Card on the Binance Smart Chain.

BITNOU ID” is a blockchain/NFT (non-fungible token) based smart digital business card on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This platform will eliminate the need for paper business cards and the hassle of carrying them around. With a BITNOU ID card, users can easily and securely share contact information and social media handles and enhance professional connections digitally via NFC Tags & QR codes in just one tap.

Apart from that, the company has plans to launch a crypto dating/networking platform that will connect singles looking for love, romance, and/or friends to network with. This platform is to bring romance and networking into the metaverse where users will be able to go on virtual dates and earn cryptocurrencies in the process. 


As a blockchain company, BITNOU is looking into establishing a fantastic educational initiative, “BITNOU Crypto Learning Academy”, to provide training and education to both the youth and those interested in gaining knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. BITNOU aims to continue building more platforms and digital marketplaces for the crypto community, providing individuals and companies with a secure and creative way to buy, sell, and/or store cryptocurrencies, digital assets, NFTs, and services online. 

Following its path, the company will develop a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for users to easily manage, send, receive and store their digital assets, such as tokens, coins, and NFTs. Furthermore, its own NFT platform, BITNOU’s NFT platform will be a one-stop destination for all things NFT and Initial Game Offering (IGO) and content creators. Users on this platform will be able to create, mint, buy, or sell their NFTs, including curated artworks, collectibles, Music NFTs, and a myriad of Play2Earn games.



BITNOU is a blockchain firm committed to promoting financial inclusion and enhancing the availability and integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in the Caribbean and beyond.

The company has a comprehensive whitepaper with a wide range of promising projects which include a decentralized exchange, digital business cards, a cryptocurrency exchange, a crypto dating/networking app, an NFT marketplace, a crypto wallet, and a crypto learning academy. Whether individuals are looking to trade crypto, connect with other singles, play games, or learn about cryptocurrency, BITNOU has something for everyone. 

BITNOU has a charity fund dedicated to charitable purposes, and anyone can see with transparency the allocation of 1% of their total supply to this charity fund – They welcome anyone to donate to any organization or cause of their choice. 

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