Bradley Charles Atherton II Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Pursue Passion for Comics and Writing

March 01 20:52 2023

Bradley Charles Atherton II has recently announced a bold new move to pivot his career from tattooing towards comics and writing. The artist has been honing his craft for over a decade and has proven to be one of the most talented and versatile artists of his generation. With a new Kickstarter campaign,  Bradley Charles Atherton II hopes to make his comic his full-time job, while still working on his long-standing clients and completing any ongoing tattoo projects.

Bradley Charles Atherton II has always been a passionate artist who pursues what motivates him. Despite working up to 80+ hours a week at times, he has been developing his comic story and character designs for over a decade in his spare time. His passion for art and storytelling is evident in his tattoos, which are known for their striking and intricate designs.

With his new Kickstarter campaign, Bradley Charles Atherton II is hoping to expand his creative horizons and make his comic his full-time job. Backers of his campaign will enjoy exclusive updates, including the chance to read the comic online as it is released periodically. With an estimated 30 chapters for book one, the release will occur monthly after a year of pre-production. Additionally, backers will have access to daily updates via private Instagram story posts, behind-the-scenes looks, direct contact with the artist as he works on the project, and occasional messages to answer questions.

Bradley Charles Atherton II is currently doing a tattoo giveaway/raffle for anyone that participates in the Kickstarter as well.

Furthermore, supporters will receive product information, including museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper. Each poster is giclee-print on archival, acid-free paper, ensuring its longevity. Supporters can also expect an executive producer credit, character design, and art print.

Bradley Charles Atherton II is widely recognized as a top artist in his field, and his passion for his work is evident in his attention to detail, artistic skill, and ability to bring stories to life. His talent, dedication, and innovation have made him one of the most promising artists of his generation.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Bradley Charles Atherton II is also an avid cook who has made over 100 different meals from Hello Fresh! While he may not be a five-star chef, his passion for trying new things and creating new experiences shows his dedication to both his art and his life.

Bradley Charles Atherton II is a visionary artist whose talent and passion for his craft have made him one of the finest artists of his generation. His Kickstarter campaign represents an exciting opportunity for supporters to contribute to his journey and become part of the artistic legacy of one of the most talented artists of our time.

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