Introducing Skydive Effect Concept, a Unique Coaching Program that Offers Life-Changing Practices and Insights for Entrepreneurs and People Looking to Start their Business

March 02 20:36 2023
The Skydive Effect Coaching Program features a practical approach geared towards helping entrepreneurs to overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that hinder them from launching and scaling their business enterprises

Limiting beliefs and fears can be significant barriers to starting and growing a business. These negative thought patterns can hold individuals back, preventing them from taking the necessary actions to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. They inspire a lack of confidence, create a sense of self-doubt, manifest as negative self-talk, and keep individuals from stepping out of their comfort zone to take the risks that their businesses require. For an entrepreneur to be successful, they must be able to address these negative thought patterns and overcome the obstacles on their way.

To help entrepreneurs and people looking to start their businesses overcome the negative thought patterns and obstacles that stand in their way, Alise Aleksa launched her Skydive Effect Coaching Program. The Skydive Effect Coaching has a unique philosophy that is drawn from skydiving. According to Alise, skydiving requires confronting fears, pushing past comfort zones, and building the courage necessary to jump out of a plane. Similarly, launching and expanding a business involves conquering fears of failure and self-imposed limitations, and possessing the courage to move the business forward.

In her words, “Imagine for a moment the thrill of leaping out of an airplane and hurtling toward the earth. The wind rushing past your face and the vast expanse of the sky above you. This is the exhilarating experience of skydiving, but it’s also so much more. To skydive, you need to face your fears and push beyond your comfort zones. It takes courage to skydive, just as it takes courage to build a business.”

Alise Aleksa faced the same problems as many of the entrepreneurs and individuals the Skydive Effect Coaching Program has been designed to help. She was at a season in her life where she didn’t have any confidence in her abilities and didn’t trust herself enough. This caused her to be hard on herself which was sabotaging her life and goals without her knowledge. Then she made a discovery that transformed her life and turned her into the successful entrepreneur and coach that she is now. Her journey to self-discovery and transformation is what she captures in the Skydive Effect Coaching Program as she offers a hands-on, practical guide to participants.

“Skydiving is not just about facing our fears and doing the inner work,” continued Alise. “It also requires a strategic approach. Just as a skydiver needs an airplane to take them to the sky (technical strategy) and a parachute to safely land (support system), we need a sound technical strategy and a support system in place to succeed in business. And like a tandem skydiver (accountability), we need someone we can trust and who has more experience to guide us along the way. That makes it one of the most powerful things you could ever pursue.”

One significant step on Alise’s journey away from self-doubt to confidence and faith in herself and her abilities was her trip to Bali. It was supposed to be a two-week holiday but ended up staying for nearly two years. “Bali became my sanctuary,” explained Alise. “A place where I could let go of my fears and embrace my self-worth. It wasn’t just my mindset that changed. But I also had a physical fear of deep water – I couldn’t even jump into the deep end of a swimming pool. And guess what I did? I ended up getting my PADI certificate.”

It took tears, two trials, and an exam diving in the shipwreck before Alise earned the certificate. The experience, according to the life coach, taught her that she was capable of anything she sets her mind to.

Participants in the Skydive Effect Coaching Program will learn how to build their confidence, expand their potential, and bring their business ideas to reality. They’d be equipped with every essential skill for a successful entrepreneurial journey. Alise Aleksa has built several successful businesses, and currently run masterminds and coaching programs. She has gained experience over the years and the Skydive Effect Coaching Program is a culmination of her experience and expertise.

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