Hamo Soul Productions: A New Record Label Born in the Pandemic

March 03 19:28 2023
Hamo Soul Productions: A New Record Label Born in the Pandemic
Hamo Soul Production

Sydney, Australia – Hamo Soul Productions, a new record label, is excited to announce its launch on November 26, 2021. Founded by Sanele Ah chookoon and Tolo Moala, Hamo Soul Productions is dedicated to discovering and developing Samoan musical talent from all over the world.

The label was started during the pandemic, when the founders saw an opportunity to help aspiring Samoan artists showcase their talents and reach a wider audience through music. With a clear vision of how to market, record, mix, and advertise music, the label recruited Samoan artist Mikula Motoway, who is based in California, USA, and the rest is history.

Since then, Hamo Soul Productions has grown to become a thriving label, recruiting other talented Samoan artists from all over the world, including TonicTones from New Zealand, OneNel from Australia, Onedolo from New Zealand, Kingvilz from Minnesota, USA, Cheekyboe from New Zealand, Lando685 from Apia Samoa, and J.K. from Apia Samoa.

“Our purpose is to recruit talent and spread knowledge to our people back home in Samoa,” said the founders. “We want to show them that it is possible to make a living using your God-given talent in music by using only your phone to record and mix your music and releasing it on YouTube to monetize it for revenue.”

The label is committed to empowering its artists and helping them become independent in the music industry. By teaching them how to handle the business side of their music careers, they can receive 100 percent of their earnings made from views and streams.

“Our videos are receiving a lot of attention and views on YouTube, and we’re slowly growing, now on the way to 4k subscribers as we speak,” added the founders.

Hamo Soul Productions’ goal remains the same – to teach young people in Samoa that they too can pursue their dreams of becoming a successful musician. The label is committed to promoting Samoan culture and music around the world.

Thanks to the Samoa Outreach Community Center (S.O.C.C), the label will be interviewed by Pasefika TV & Radio show on March 30, 2023, at 10 am Australia Time. Everyone is encouraged to tune in and learn more about the label and its mission.

For more information on Hamo Soul Productions, please visit their Youtube channel https://youtube.com/@HAMOSOULBROTHERSPRODUCTION

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