The Growing Popularity of Management Consultant Market in Ukraine

March 06 11:50 2023
The Growing Popularity of Management Consultant Market in Ukraine

Things are fast changing in the world and entrepreneurs are looking forward to opportunities that can help them grow and develop. In the recent times, it has been observed that some of the top entrepreneurs in Germany are now investing actively in the Ukrainian Management consulting market!

The Growing Popularity of Management Consultant Market in Ukraine:

The Ukrainian Management consulting market has become quite lucrative in the present times when several investing showing deep interest in the activities. The best part is that this is one area where both international and local consulting firms coexist and are mutually beneficial for one another.

In 2020, McKinsey Ukraine emerged as the leader with a turnover of nearly 20 million euros. He was followed by Roland Berger Ukraine with a revenue of around 3.5 million euros, and Kyiv Strategy Consulting with 1.9 million euros. CIVITTA Ukraine rounded off the top five with 1.5 million euros in revenue for 2020. It is noteworthy that of the five highest-earning management consulting firms in Ukraine, two have German roots – Roland Berger Ukraine and Kyiv Strategy Consulting. This has drawn the attention of major firms across the globe.

Roland Berger established its Kyiv office in 1993 with the aim of delivering professional management consulting services to Ukraine. It has made quite a name for itself over the years with several clients. The office is headed by Equity Partner Viktoriya Bondarets, who has over 15 years of strategy consulting experience to the table, which has always been appreciated by those who have worked with her. Under her leadership, the office provides comprehensive alteration programs to its clients. Bondarets is well-versed in growth strategies and PMI, modification and internationalization, as well as human resources, organizational design, and governance.

How Things Evolved Over the Years:

Over the years, a lot of things changed. It was in 2018, Dr. Holger Otte opened a well-respected office in Kyiv following hanseatic values. The company, located on Kontraktova Square with a team of more than 150 employees operates under the brand “Kyiv Consulting” to distinguish itself from the smaller local audit and tax firm, which is owned by local shareholders.

The team at Kyiv Consulting is responsible for the successful pro-bono project KYIV RYSING, which in 2022 became with more than 150.000 downloads a bestselling book in Ukraine. Since the beginning in 2018, the Equity Partner behind the success of Kyiv Consulting has been Nicolai Kiskalt, who resides in both Germany and Ukraine and has over 20 years of management consulting experience. Kiskalt has led numerous international strategy consulting projects which have been successfully executed over the years.

The Ukrainian management consulting market is predominantly dominated by McKinsey, a US-based firm, however, two well-known German entrepreneurs and investors – Mr. Roland Berger from Munich and Dr. Holger Otte from Hamburg – have also established a strong presence.

With the predictable economic recovery of Ukraine, it is expected that German investment will surge in the country. International organizations, donor countries, and western companies expect high-quality management consulting services that are as per the international standards and have a exhaustive understanding of the local context in Ukraine.

Currently, only a few firms, such as McKinsey Ukraine, Roland Berger Ukraine, and Kyiv Strategy Consulting, are able to meet these requirements. However, firms like Kearney and Bain are poised to enter the Ukrainian market.

Kyiv Consulting offers now a new consulting service which will help in the recovery of Ukraine:

Economic Development Consulting in Kyiv

Now, Kyiv Consulting plans to bring together its existing skill sets, broad experience and noted experts to support Ukrainian reconstruction. By offering economic development consulting (more on what this involves below), the Kyiv-based business consulting group will work to help rebuild the nation’s public and private sectors. It will support local, national and regional government and the public sector as the country moves towards integration with the European Union (EU).

Kyiv Consulting’s credentials and connections in the Ukrainian capital are advantageous in delivering focused and effective economic development consulting (EDC). Moreover, its hand-picked staff already possess the skill sets and experience – gained in various business sectors – to guide senior decision-makers, public organisations and commercial entities towards success.

Following the hostilities, the consultants at Kyiv Consulting will focus on the following six areas to facilitate reconstruction, redevelopment and integration with Europe:

  • Investment
  • Government delivery
  • Sector and cluster development
  • Decision support through advanced analytics
  • Trade and partnerships.

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About Kyiv Strategy Consulting LLC:

As the only Ukrainian management consultancy, Kyiv Consulting aims to bring a complete change in the international management consulting services industry. The Ukrainians are committed to understand the clients’ specific needs and combining through their extensive talent to solve any kind of issues, which results in exceptional outcomes for the clients. This unique consulting firm offers a number of consulting services to private sector and public sector clients.

They handpick their management consultants to ensure that only top-notch expertise and significant industry experience professionals join the job. It is a team of dedicated professionals from Ukraine and Germany possesses a unique blend of expertise and passion for innovation, enabling us to tackle any challenge. At the heart of Ukraine, they hope to change the future of management consulting even in the current challenging times that the country is going through.

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