The Law Office of Bartholomew Baffuto tailors defense strategy and tactics to the client’s situation

March 08 02:36 2023

The Law Office of Bartholomew Baffuto is a law firm that brings to every client’s cases a tailored legal strategy and also in-depth technical knowledge. The law firm has defended people for many years and has taken on even the toughest cases. It is trial-tested, and results speak for themselves. The Baffuto approach in defense has remained constant, which is providing innovative, effective, and compassionate representation during highly stressful and challenging times in a client’s life. They don’t sugarcoat legal options to entice clients: the law firm is candid.

It is likely that if one has been charged with a DUI, they will be contemplating the necessity of hiring a lawyer to defend their case, especially if they have handled their arraignment, obtained a copy of the police report and done research on field sobriety tests, blood or breath tests and more. It is highly recommended that one seek out an experienced lawyer for a professional opinion in respect of their case and their available options. Either way, it is worth it to get a professional opinion on a case.

As one of the top DWI defense law firms in New Jersey, The Law Office of Bartholomew Baffuto has a top New Jersey DUI lawyer who is highly reputed and experienced. The DUI lawyer is Bartholomew Baffuto. The attorney has defended DWI charges at all defense levels and, thus, has helped many clients retain their driving privileges and their freedom following a DWI arrest. And whether one has been charged with a first-offense DWI/DUI or is facing a third-offense charge, the DWI attorney in NJ at New Jersey DWI Lawyer can fight to mitigate the negative consequences of the charges. He does so with the help of his extensive legal experience and detailed knowledge of the science behind breath testing. So, by hiring him, clients can be sure that every opportunity for the best defense is being explored.

The spokesperson added, “Our law office is dedicated to defending our clients to the fullest. We have many grateful clients willing to share their experiences of our defense of their cases. So contact us today and ask for their testimonials.”

Considering that the attorney has effectively defended hundreds of people, clients can be confident that the attorney understands what it takes to defend someone charged with an offense.  And through strong legal knowledge, counseling, and evaluation of the facts and evidence, clients can be sure that they will zealously represent their rights. With numerous successes he has been practicing in this field for over 30 years, and thus, he has honed his litigation skills. Attorney Baffuto will always answer any questions a client may have along the way. So, for those needing the services of a DWI attorney, Bartholomew Baffuto has the experience to provide them with high-quality representation.  Contact the best criminal lawyer in NJ from the law firm.

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The Law Office of Bartholomew Baffuto is a law firm made up of an attorney who is always committed to providing the best defense for clients. So, consult with a NJ DUI lawyer today at the law firm.

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