Life Hacks To a Professional Golf Swing by the Free Golf Coach, Michael Marini

March 08 04:21 2023
The Free Golf Coach teaches folks life hacks for a professional golf swing in just two minutes.

Michael Marini, popularly known as the Free Golf Coach, is an Investment Advisor, Financial Planner, and golf enthusiast who quickly shows people how to play the game he loves like a pro. Michael demonstrates how to life hack to a professional golf swing in just two minutes on his website, Free Golf Coach, at no cost.

Golf is often associated with wealth and privilege because it is considered a luxury sport. The cost of golf equipment, green fees, club memberships, and hiring an instructor (if necessary) can be expensive, making it less accessible to lower-income people. 

As no one who takes lessons ever improves at golf, Michael claims that there is something fundamentally wrong with how the game is taught. 

“I’ve always thought that professional golfers play one game while golf instructors teach a different one. It’s not golf; I don’t know what it is. Every professional golfer would be out of a job tomorrow if they received lessons from 99% of the golf teachers in America, including the really expensive ones.”

“My goal in developing the Free Golf Coach website was to assist people in falling in love with golf while saving them money on pricey, pointless lessons. I show people exactly how a pro golfer does it, so they can do it too.” states Michael.

According to the Free Golf Coach, there are just two parts to the professional golf swing, the do-nothing part, and the do-something part. Both are extremely easy. Website visitors can read along and watch the video demonstrations. They require no special golf talent or athletic skill.

Here are a few free tips Michael offers; please visit his website for the complete life hack to the professional golf swing. 

The Do-Nothing

Individuals must maintain their posture and position by simply not swaying.

The Do-Something

Nail the incredibly simple backswing, nail the downswing and the finish too. The professional golf swing is a buy one, get two free special.


Michael Marini shows people how to professionally golf swing through his website and YouTube channel.

Please visit the Free Golf Coach website for free life tips on making a professional golf swing.  

People are encouraged to purchase Marini’s FGC t-shirts and/or visit his Pro Shop, visible on his website, to support his work.

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