How This Exemplary Coaching Program is Enhancing the Way People Show Up for Work and Brightening their Careers

March 14 23:09 2023

Veronica Jones, Life Coach, Optimist, NLP Coach and Founder of The Life Coaching Co., is excited to announce the launch of her new coaching program, ‘Elevate Career Coaching.’ Addressing the growing dissatisfaction with jobs and workplaces in general, Veronica has designed this course to help people transform their career situation in 8 weeks or less. This will enable her clients to achieve incredible results like securing their dream role in less than 4 weeks, or gaining a promotion even if there isn’t one on the table in their organisation – all down to her new coaching program.

As a former CEO of two national recruitment businesses, she has been offering career coaching for over 12 years. Along the way, Veronica has discovered a range of career accelerating strategies that she has shared with her clients to dramatically improve their salaries and their level of influence in the workplace. She has helped them secure their ideal roles and procure employment with dream employers, even when there was no position advertised. As such, she soon developed her signature career coaching program, Elevate Career Coaching to help people strategically elevate their career in 8 weeks or less, in a way that is fun and in alignment with their values.

With multiple powerful testimonials to her name, Veronica has more than achieved her goal, which is “To help people get back in the driver’s seat and on the fast track to success, so they can finally stop worrying about their career goals and start making them a reality.”

The Elevate Career Coaching program also offers incredible bonuses like a rockstar resume review, in addition to an incredibly special session where Veronica teaches her clients a simple formula to answer absolutely any interview question – even the trickiest ones – with ease. This session is called ‘Interview Like A Pro’. Many of her clients have found amazing value in it and on the back of that session have been able to ace their interview and secure their dream job.

The other major benefit is the ROI on the price of the Elevate Career Coaching package – where each 1:1 coaching session comes to the price of a simple takeaway meal. Clients make a lot more due to the value they gain on the program, which makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to up their career game.

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