The rise of trillion dollar COFC Technologies empire

March 17 21:48 2023

COFC Technologies Ltd. has decided to conduct a pre-sale promotion for COFC Cash tokens that remained in their possession after Sirin Labs lost a phone with a cold digital wallet that stored 75% of the tokens that were created. This default caused COFC Technologies to file legal claims amounting to billions of dollars against Sirin Labs in several countries, including Israel, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Today, COFC Cash tokens can only be purchased through DEX platforms at a price of nearly $19,000 for COFC.


We have chosen to conduct a pre-IEO sale through the platform for the remaining COFC Cash coins at a price of 150 USDT for COFC, a price that is a hundred times lower than the expected launch price. This decision was made after the company decided to launch another digital currency called CCASH, which is also supported by the TEVEL.


TEVEL is a location-based social network that combines all businesses in one application. Founded in 2018 by Aleksey Daniel Danilovich, Herbert Refael Sim, and Dr. Asher Idan.


“We are creating a digital empire worth trillions of dollars, with the main vision of making this world a better place,” said Aleksey Daniel Danilovich, the founder of the company.


The company did not provide information on when the pre-sale promotion would take place through the website for COFC Cash and CCASH tokens that was created by the Israeli research and development COFC Technologies Ltd.

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