A Celebration Of Life And Love Through Powerful Music – Robert E Jones Presents ‘The Hills Of Arkansas’

March 18 14:03 2023
A Celebration Of Life And Love Through Powerful Music - Robert E Jones Presents ‘The Hills Of Arkansas’
Robert’s sublime and soul-stirring music is a testament to the power of music to connect people, celebrate life, and inspire all

Gracing March with a soulful and authentic musical experience, Robert E Jones’ mesmerizes with his stirring new record. Creatively titled ‘The Hills of Arkansas,’ the new album is one which spans the genres of Country and Folk music, and displays a rich and authentic blend of stories, emotions, and narratives.

Inspired by the artist’s own personal experiences, as well as his endless love and adoration for his dogs and family, Robert’s newest work is in ways a moving personal portrait. The new album is sure to move listeners by its raw, simple, yet touching pictures that display the experience of growing up in rural Arkansas.

Shimmering within the lines are themes that are rooted in a belief in God, family, and an appreciation for dogs as friends and therapy. Featuring Robert Jones on the acoustic guitar and mandolin, coupled with Dennis Smith on percussion, background vocals, engineering, and mixing, the artist’s new album also displays Tim Crouch (Alan Jackson’s fiddler) on fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, and Brandon Patterson playing upright bass.

This fantastic collective is further graced by Elijah Brinson on electric bass and mandolin, and Michael Brinson on dobro and mixing, and Rick Endel on keyboard, Hammond B3, and strings.

“The love of my life is my wife, Donna. Without her, I would be content to sit in my study and sing to myself,” says Robert. She has encouraged me to make this music available to others. “I hope you find some comfort, joy, pleasure, and blessing while listening to the music God has given me. It is up to Him where it goes and who it touches.”

Visit Robert E Jones’ official website to read the backstories, listen to samples, and find the links to download or listen to all of his exciting new songs! Fans are also encouraged to purchase Physical CDs and follow the artist’s journey through social media.


Robert E Jones is a talented country and folk artist whose roots run deep in the Ozarks of Arkansas. Growing up playing ‘musics’ with his family on the front porches and yards of their home, Robert was always passionate to follow his love for music.

This adoration for music, coupled with an appreciation for the beauty of God’s handiwork in the hills, hollers, creeks, and meadows around his home, inspired him to become a songwriter. Over the years, Robert has held various jobs, being a construction worker, retail manager, pastor, real estate investor, supervisor in a large company, and science teacher.

However, his heart has always been in music, and he has continued to write and perform songs throughout his life. Many of his songs are dedicated to worshiping and celebrating God, and some of his best work can be found on his album, “Behind The Veil.”

If you’re a fan of country and folk music, be sure to check out Robert E Jones’ work. His heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and rich musicality are sure to leave a lasting impression on all audiences!


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