Carmen Delprat Art Announces Launch of First Virtual Exhibition, “Seascapes & Dreams”

September 21 08:54 2023

Carmen Delprat Art, an Australian art company renowned for its captivating blend of surrealism, fine art, and symbolism, is excited to announce its latest development — a virtual exhibition titled “Seascapes & Dreams: A Surrealist Odyssey of Ocean Landscapes and Exotic Shell Portraits.”

Carmen Delprat, the visionary artist behind the collection, has consistently captured the allegory of the natural world around her and transformed it into dream-like interpretations. Specializing in illustration and oil paintings of breezy beach landscapes and exotic shell portraits, Carmen’s art reimagines the multidimensional world and conveys the impermanence of life and nature, fostering meaningful and intriguing connections and feelings of nostalgia.

This virtual exhibition, in collaboration with, invites art enthusiasts and dreamers to awaken their imagination and dive into the extraordinary. The exhibition will run from September 15, 2023, to January 15, 2024, offering a unique opportunity to explore Carmen Delprat’s visionary art from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to this exciting announcement, Carmen Delprat Art has achieved remarkable milestones over the past year. Carmen’s work has been featured in numerous prestigious publications worldwide, including Art Lovers Australia, Art Edit, Sydney’s Wonderland Art Festival, Vogue’s The World of Interiors, TATLER, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, Vogue, Wired, Abode2, House of Coco, London’s Life magazines, Inside Kent, British GQ, and the Condé Nast Traveller. Notably, Carmen’s art has graced the back cover of London’s Life Magazine multiple times and is now available through Stilorama, the first British online luxury store, and the Artchi London art gallery.

Looking ahead, Carmen Delprat Art is committed to continuous growth and innovation. Clients and exclusive VIP members will enjoy exclusive access to limited edition artworks, early previews of upcoming exhibitions, and personalized art recommendations tailored to their unique tastes. The company’s production line is thriving, with a focus on creating new artworks and decorative art scarves, including the “Art Becomes You” art scarf collection. These luxury scarves, crafted from hand-selected original paintings and illustrations, promise to make a statement in any fashion situation, with each design produced in limited quantities to ensure uniqueness.

Carmen’s art elevates the spirit, offering a renewed sense of well-being by drawing inspiration from natural habitats and blending them with otherworldly dimensions. The foundation of their work accumulates the themes of interconnectivity and escapism, inviting viewers to explore the beauty of line and form. 

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About Carmen Delprat Art

Carmen Delprat Art, based in Newcastle, Australia, is a visionary art company led by the talented Australian artist Carmen Delprat. Specializing in surrealism, fine art, and symbolism, Carmen’s work captures the allegory of the natural world and reimagines it through dream-like interpretations. With a focus on beach landscapes and exotic shell portraits, Carmen’s art fosters meaningful connections and evokes feelings of nostalgia. Carmen Delprat Art is committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination while providing clients with exclusive access to limited edition artworks and luxury art scarves.

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