Unleashing the Sheer Brilliance of Electronic Dance and Deep House Music – Producer-DJ Mister Monj Channels Ecstasy

December 01 14:06 2023
Unleashing the Sheer Brilliance of Electronic Dance and Deep House Music - Producer-DJ Mister Monj Channels Ecstasy
With a series of hit House blends, Mister Monj’s eclectic discography embodies his formidable decade-long journey in Deep House

With over 14,000+ streams on Spotify alone, Mister Monj’s discography has been experienced, loved, and ‘lived’ by hundreds of thousands of fans. His pulsating and enlivening tracks, “Still Miss You,” and “Somebody Get Down” present audiences the raw experience of euphoria and stand as proof of years of experience in the genre.

Over the past ten years, the artist has consistently released music that captivates listeners and finds its way to the summits of dance charts, radio airwaves, and digital platforms. His distinctive ability to intricately direct his music, combining well-selected rhythms with soul-penetrating vocals, has entrenched his place in the hearts of fans globally.

The trajectory of Mister Monj’s career is marked not only by his DJ prowess but also by his creative autonomy. His monthly releases bear witness to a practitioner deeply attuned to the nuances of House music, consistently delivering tracks that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Each release becomes a leader in its own right, ascending dance charts and finding a home in the playlists of devoted listeners. In 2023, Mister Monj stands not just as an artist but as the visionary founder of Fashion House Mafia, a record label that, in less than a year, has made significant waves with its hit releases.

As a music producer who cherishes both tradition and innovation, Mister Monj remains at the forefront of the House music scene, continually pushing boundaries and introducing fresh sounds to his audience. Away from the pulsating beats and studio sessions, Mister Monj invites readers and potential collaborators to delve into his world.

For Mister Monj, music is not merely a career; it is a professional hobby that he wholeheartedly shares with the world. His releases, marked by deep fashion and rhythmic innovation, promise to keep enthusiasts grooving as he continues to shape the future of House and Deep House music.

Stream Mister Monj’s new music on his official music streaming platforms and follow the artist’s musical journey on Facebook and Instagram! The artist always remains open to collaborations and inquiries.


Mister Monj stands as a luminary, a sound producer and DJ whose journey commenced in the pulsating beats of 2006. Hailing from Antalya, Alanya, Türkiye, Mister Monj’s passion for music ignited at a tender age of four, as he grooved to the disco hits of the ’80s, foretelling the remarkable odyssey that awaited him.

His professional ascent unfolded gradually, marked by a pivotal moment in the second half of 2006 when Mister Monj graced his first DJ stage in a bustling capital’s bar.

From this point, the resonance of his beats echoed beyond the confines of local bars to the expansive waves of dance radio stations, earning him a coveted residency that endured for five prolific years. This early success became a foundation, propelling Mister Monj into the world of music creation, where he began crafting his unique House and Deep House sounds.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mistermonj

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@MisterMonj

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mr-djmonj

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