RADD Companies and Alden Investment Group Forge Strategic Partnership For Future Growth Opportunities

February 21 14:12 2024

TAMPA, Fla. – Feb 21, 2024 – RADD Companies, a leading player in the real estate and investment sector, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Alden Investment Group, an independent firm offering wealth advisement services led by Lee Calfo. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both entities, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in the realm of real estate investments and wealth planning.

Senior Client Relations Executive at RADD Companies, Vanessa Mendenhall, spearheads this strategic alliance. With her comprehensive background encompassing customer service, compliance, accounting, and real estate expertise, Vanessa’s leadership ensures a seamless integration of values, mission, and ethics shared by both RADD Companies and Alden Investment Group.

Lee Calfo, the visionary leader behind Alden Investment Group, expresses his excitement about the partnership: “We’re excited to be working with RAD to help expand investors’ knowledge of real estate investments and access to real estate investments. Alden notes that investors’ demand for passive real estate investment options is increasing and is impressed with the job RAD has done in this area over the last five years.”

This collaboration is a natural progression for RADD Companies and Alden Investment Group, as both entities share a common ethos focused on ethical practices, aligned visions, and a hands-on approach to investor success. The partnership creates a perfect synergy, allowing investors to integrate real estate investments into their wealth-planning strategies seamlessly.

Alden Investment Group’s RADD Companies fund offering marks a significant step forward. Lee Calfo emphasizes that being an independent and not a large-scale entity facilitates easy communication, allowing for a more personalized and responsive approach. This aspect makes Alden Investment Group an ideal partner for RADD Companies, fostering a close-knit relationship that extends beyond the ordinary.

Dutch Mendenhall, CEO and Co-Founder of RADD Companies, best-selling author, and a key figure in commercial real estate and alternative investments expresses his thoughts on the collaboration, “Building teams, getting other people with us who can make us get traction. You got to get that traction so that things can move.”

Vanessa Mendenhall shares her perspective on the partnership, “Teaming up with Alden Investment Group just felt right, as we both believe in personalized wealth planning that aligns with investors’ unique goals and values. Our experience working with Alden has been amazing, focusing on clear communication and a shared commitment to delivering the best for our investors.”

The collaboration between RADD Companies and Alden Investment Group signifies a strategic alliance and a shared commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities and support to investors. As both entities continue to evolve, the future holds promise for further growth and innovation in the realm of real estate and wealth creation.

Looking ahead, RADD Companies envisions continued growth and expansion. The partnership with Alden Investment Group marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, with plans to explore further collaborations with entities with similar visions. The future holds promise for RADD Companies as it navigates the evolving landscape and remains committed to its mission of delivering value and investment solutions.

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