Intense Demand Explosion in Goods Storage Area

March 18 22:51 2024

California – March 18, 2024 – Recently, there has been an intense demand explosion in the field of goods storage.  The main reasons for this are remote working in line with developments in every  field, people’s interests that require tools and equipment such as camping, off-road,  and motorcycles, and natural disasters such as earthquakes. Situations such as urban  transformation and relocation draw attention as the most important factors that  increase demands in this direction. In addition to natural disasters, the  concentration of the population, citizens’ trips abroad, various life difficulties, and  similar factors are also important determinants in this regard. Transport and  storage companies work hard in this process. Citizens who need this service strive to  work with the best goods storage companies.

The goods storage sector, which started to develop, especially in populous countries  in terms of population, gradually started to be needed as an important service all  over the world. Among these countries, Turkey can be used as an example. In the  last year, there has been an increase of 400% in searches for the word “esya depolama” (Turkish typing of word “goods storage”) in known search engines, especially Google.  

The main reason why goods storage services are in such high demand is the  earthquake factors that occur and may occur. Turkey, a large part of which is within  the first earthquake zone, is among the places where earthquakes are frequently  experienced. Especially the recent large and shocking earthquakes have forced  people to migrate. However, although the situation consists of obligations,  taking household goods at once and taking them to another address bends the backs  of the citizens. In the face of such difficult situations, citizens find the solution in  getting household goods storage services.   

In cities where there is a risk of earthquakes, a great urban transformation  mobilisation was initiated. Again, citizens who enter the urban transformation of the  building they live in want to keep their household goods in a reliable place until this process is over. Here again, household goods storage companies are at  the forefront. This service, which has become one of the trends of recent times, is seen as the most economical and healthy choice preferred by citizens, so that household goods remain under the supervision of the relevant company until the  process is completed and are well protected. Citizens also frequently express their satisfaction with such a service. 

Likewise, it is known that workplaces also prefer office storage services for many different  reasons. The two main factors in this are earthquakes and the cost of living. There  are office buildings damaged by earthquakes or entering urban transformation for possible earthquakes. Office materials in these buildings are delivered to the relevant companies.   

In the economic difficulty part, it is seen that office companies have difficulty paying their rents. In the face of this situation, company owners prefer to move to a  lower-budget office. In the moving process in between, all items are received by office storage companies. Thus, the company owners, who are already overwhelmed  by economic reasons, at least keep their belongings safe thanks to such quality service.  

According to Cayhan Gergoy, the Depola Company officials, “In Turkey, especially in large metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, goods storage  services are carried out intensively. The biggest reason for this is the urban  transformation that started in Istanbul. However, in recent years, with natural disasters  such as earthquakes and difficult economic conditions, people have started to leave  Istanbul by giving their belongings to storage companies. Due to the decrease in  quality of life, these situations have triggered the intensification of transport and storage services. As a transport and storage company that has been providing this service for years, we have been receiving intense demands, especially in the last 3 years.

About the website is the Istanbul esya depolama that serves a big city like Istanbul. It is a leading company in professional warehousing and is also highly appreciated by customers. Those who want to keep their belongings in a  completely suitable temperature environment, away from moisture, and in a safe  place can easily communicate with the company. In this way, the property owners  are never left behind until the goods are taken from them. This company, among the  goods storage companies, continues to provide affordable and quality services uninterruptedly. 

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