Nobel Prize Technology Leads the Transformation of the Spermidine Industry, Leading Companies in the Functional Protein Peptide Industry Like BUCANUS Attract Capital Attention

March 24 13:06 2024

The birth and development of regenerative medicine are gradually “solving” many challenges – it not only subverts people’s understanding of traditional life science technologies but has also been successfully applied in the intervention of some diseases. It is increasingly favored by patients and is a hot topic and frontier in biomedical research.

In the past two years, the term spermidine has been continuously exposed in many top scientific journals worldwide, being viewed by many scientists as the ultimate secret to youthfulness. It not only won the Nobel Prize based on its proven autophagic ability but also gained favor from many top global financial institutions, accelerating its industrialization. Among them, leading Western brands represented by BUCANUS have made significant breakthroughs in the purification method and absorption rate of spermidine, attracting the attention of many prominent investors.

Reporters have learned that spermidine is a natural polyamine present in the human body, and its secretion gradually decreases with age, peaking around 26 years old and declining annually until it stops secretion. Studies have shown that spermidine has a certain impact on cell repair and regeneration. It can promote the proliferation and differentiation of functional protein peptides, thereby helping to maintain the function of tissues and organs. According to a report in the world-renowned journal “Nature,” scientists have found in animal experiments that spermidine can significantly extend the lifespan of mice and reduce the incidence of age-related diseases. In addition, some clinical studies have also demonstrated the potential of spermidine in improving heart function, enhancing muscle strength, and improving cognitive abilities.

However, due to the lack of systematic research and development, human utilization of spermidine is not deep enough, specifically reflected in the scarcity of spermidine supplement products, low purity, slow absorption, etc. This situation is gradually changing. Taking the industry-leading brand BUCANUS as an example, it has adopted a collaborative research and development approach, jointly created by American and German scientists. They have focused on the purification method and absorption rate of spermidine, successfully purifying high-purity spermidine at a ratio of 29,000:1 and increasing the absorption rate to 9 times the market average.

Additionally, BUCANUS has pioneered the introduction of stem cell technology in the industry, allowing for more than just surface repairs but rather cellular-level functional reshaping. By utilizing the repair and division capabilities of functional protein peptides, cells are repaired, cell metabolism is improved, and it helps the body quickly regain the cellular vitality of its peak at 26 years old.

It is reported that this research achievement has been published in multiple authoritative journals and has garnered widespread attention in the life science community. Currently, no less than 5 life science industry funds are in discussions with BUCANUS to accelerate the rapid implementation and application of this technology.

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