Introducing “The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted” – A Captivating Journey into the Heart of Empathy for Young Minds

March 28 23:24 2024
Introducing "The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You've Always Wanted" - A Captivating Journey into the Heart of Empathy for Young Minds
Award-winning children’s author Ruth Maille unveils her latest masterpiece in the “The Power of…” series. Dive into a beautifully illustrated journey with Orbit, teaching children the essence of empathy through relatable tales. Highly praised by Literary Titan, this book promises to be a treasure trove for young readers, empowering them to be understanding and compassionate friends.

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest installment in the “The Power of…” children’s picture book series, “The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted,” by the award-winning children’s book author Ruth Maille. Dive into this beautifully illustrated story that teaches children about the true essence of empathy, using relatable real-life examples that are easy to grasp.

Ruth, a distinguished name in the childcare and education field with over 32 years of experience, showcases her deep understanding of children’s emotional and social needs. Her unparalleled commitment to nurturing empathy and emotional intelligence in young minds shines through in this charming tale. With her books, especially the ‘Power of’ series, Ruth aims to provide children with engaging stories that not only entertain but also teach essential life values.

The story is centered around Orbit and his friends, guiding young readers on an adventure where they learn to recognize their emotions as well as those of others. Perfect for reading aloud, parents and educators will find this book a precious resource for instilling the values of understanding, compassion, and friendship in children.

Literary Titan, a renowned name in book reviews, heaped praise on Ruth’s recent work, stating: “The Power of Empathy by the talented Ruth Maille is an illustrative book that takes readers on an adventure, exploring the profound concept of empathy… Through the fictional character Orbit, children are gently introduced to empathy… Ruth Maille’s brisk writing style ensures a quick and enjoyable read… The Power of Empathy is a must-read that empowers children to be the kind, understanding friends they’ve always wanted to be.”

Ruth’s devotion to early childhood education and her belief in the transformative power of literature is evident in her captivating storytelling. She believes that fostering a love for reading expands a child’s knowledge, imagination, and curiosity.

“The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted” is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Embark on an enlightening journey and discover the magic of empathy.

About the Book

Join Orbit and his delightful gang of friends as they embark on their most heartwarming adventure yet! In a world where feelings can sometimes get a little tangled, Orbit shines a gentle light on the path to understanding – both ourselves and others. Dive into this whimsical tale, filled with vibrant illustrations and memorable moments, as we uncover what it truly means to walk in someone else’s shoes. From playful park escapades to real-life lessons, “The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted” is the perfect story time pick for budding empathetic superstars. Written by the award-winning Ruth Maille, this book is not just a story—it’s a heart-to-heart hug on paper.

About the Author

Ruth is an accomplished individual with over 32 years of experience in the childcare and education arena. Her contributions range from being a daycare provider owner and preschool teacher, to a certified parent coach. An award-winning author, Ruth’s commitment to promoting positive values and life lessons through her books has made her an invaluable asset to childhood education. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places with her two sons and daughter, cherishing their bonding moments.

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