LENX President Hussein AbuHassan Discusses AI-Powered Security Solutions in Exclusive Interview with Nasdaq

April 06 11:04 2024
LENX President Hussein AbuHassan Discusses AI-Powered Security Solutions in Exclusive Interview with Nasdaq

Hussein AbuHassan, President and Founder of LENX, a frontrunner in AI weapon detection and communication systems, recently sat down with Jane King of Nasdaq to discuss LENX’s innovative AI-powered security solutions and their impact on public safety.

LENX’s flagship solution is an AI-driven security platform designed to usher in a new era of proactive and non-invasive security measures. By leveraging advanced AI technology, LENX significantly improves accuracy in detecting weapons and instantaneously identifies threats such as guns, knives, fire, smoke and more, all without infringing on privacy rights. Additionally, LENX seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, providing an additional proactive security layer.

During the interview, Mr. AbuHassan emphasized LENX’s role in revolutionizing public safety across various sectors. He highlighted the platform’s capabilities in weapon detection, drone surveillance, and communication systems, offering a comprehensive solution to prevent and safeguard communities from potential dangers and incidents. 

“LENX is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance public safety and security,” said AbuHassan. “Our AI-powered solutions are designed to empower individuals and communities to respond effectively to emergencies and prevent potential threats, ultimately creating safer environments for everyone.”

AbuHassan also elaborated on LENX’s application beyond emergency response, emphasizing its role in reimagining prevention and safeguarding communities. He showcased LENX’s mobile app and smartwatch, which allows users to request emergency assistance and provides real-time location and incident information to law enforcement and security agencies. When asked about LENX’s vision for the future, AbuHassan expressed his vision for worldwide expansion, aiming to establish LENX’s presence across six or seven continents within the next five to six years.

Overall, the interview highlighted LENX’s commitment to leveraging AI technology to enhance public safety and security, empowering individuals and communities to respond effectively to emergencies and mitigate potential threats.

For more information about LENX and its AI-powered security solutions, visit here. To watch the full interview with AbuHassan, visit here.

About LENX: www.lenx.io

LENX AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing public safety with advanced AI security systems. Specializing in weapons detection, drone surveillance, and communications solutions, LENX’s goal is to enhance safety measures across various sectors. The LENX Platform is an innovative mobile application smartwatch that connects users directly with authoritative and security agencies. This ground-breaking application allows swift emergency assistance, eliminating the need to dial 911 and reducing prolonged wait times. LENX AI is more than just a company; it’s a movement towards a safer, more secure future.

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