Virtuous Collaborative Research Efforts, Bucanus Wins International Peptide Industry Association Outstanding Contribution Brand Award

April 07 13:09 2024

Since the emergence of functional protein peptide technology, research institutions worldwide have been seeking ways to allow the general public to enjoy this life science achievement at low cost. The development of oral functional protein peptides has greatly accelerated this process. Recently, a functional protein peptide brand based in the United States, BUCANUS, received the “Outstanding Contribution Brand Award” from the International Peptide Industry Association. This honor recognizes BUCANUS’s outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of functional protein peptide research over the years, marking the social recognition of the brand’s leadership position in international research on oral functional protein peptides.

The International Peptide Industry Association’s “Outstanding Contribution Brand Award” aims to recognize brands and institutions that have made outstanding contributions in the field of active peptide research. The selection process is rigorous and fair, covering the brand’s outstanding performance in the research, application, and promotion of functional protein peptides. After careful evaluation and authoritative investigation by the judges, BUCANUS successfully defeated other competing brands with its excellent research strength, winning this prestigious award.

As a brand dedicated to the research and application of functional protein peptides, BUCANUS has always adhered to the use of the most advanced technology and scientific research achievements, actively exploring the application potential of functional protein peptides in medicine, biology, and clinical treatment. Through unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, BUCANUS has developed a series of groundbreaking oral functional protein peptide products, addressing numerous health issues for consumers worldwide. These achievements have not only been widely recognized in the academic community but have also made significant contributions to promoting medical advancements and driving developments in clinical technology.

The founder of BUCANUS expressed sincere gratitude for this honor, stating, “We are very honored to receive the International Peptide Industry Association Outstanding Contribution Brand Award. This is the best reward for our years of relentless efforts and continuous pursuit of excellence in the field of functional protein peptides research. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to advancing the research and application of functional protein peptides, providing global researchers and clinical doctors with more high-quality functional protein peptide products and technical support.”

The chairman of the International Functional Protein Peptide Research Association also highly praised BUCANUS’s performance, stating, “BUCANUS has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the research and application of functional protein peptides, making significant contributions to the global development of functional protein peptides. Their products and research achievements have not only had a profound impact in the academic community but also brought positive effects in clinical practice. We sincerely congratulate BUCANUS on this honor and look forward to their continued success in the future.”

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