Unveiling the Ideal Background Music for Restaurant Ambiance

April 15 08:06 2024
Unveiling the Ideal Background Music for Restaurant Ambiance

It’s not an easy question to answer. The music you provide is a critical part of establishing the right ambiance in your establishment. And it’s not just in the background. The right music has been proven to increase customer satisfaction and enhance revenue. Below, we’ll share a few ideas for best practices based on consumer research and our expertise in the field. 

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The Power of Background Music In Restaurants

Whether you run a fine dining establishment or a quick-service eatery, background music is a vital part of your design and an essential element when it comes to setting the tone for your restaurant. Music plays a critical role in the overall guest experience as it has the potential to raise guest satisfaction, enhance your restaurant’s image, and increase revenue. My Instore Radio has the music and features you need to create the perfect ambiance for your space. All songs are fully licensed for your restaurant and individually reviewed for appropriate content to suit any location.

Elevate Your Guest Experience with Tailored Background Music Solutions

Let’s face it, streaming music is everywhere these days. Intentionally placed background music is an integral part of a successful restaurant’s brand. Whether it’s standing and waiting for a table, awaiting a specialty from the kitchen, dining on a meal, or lingering over coffee and dessert, we offer dozens of suggested playlists for whatever mood fits the setting.

Curating Playlists for Every Moment

My Instore Radio recognizes the power of music – and knows how to best utilize it to connect with your customers. Studies have shown that well-placed background music in restaurants increases sales and customer satisfaction. Our system provides customized playlists that are perfect for all types of restaurants. You are also welcome to program your own music as you see fit.

We customize playlists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or times in between, when different moods require different sounds. The key for restaurants is to discover what type of music works best in their particular environment. Here are a few examples of what we know is effective.

Fine Dining

Background music is crucial for a successful fine dining experience. My Instore Radio provides curated playlists to meet the unique requirements of high-end restaurants that cater to a sophisticated clientele. Classical, jazz and instrumental music create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere without distraction. Other genres, including bossa nova, or soft acoustic music can also be appropriate in an upscale restaurant. These genres enhance the dining experience by adding a touch of refinement and relaxation without overpowering conversations or the culinary experience.

Family Restaurants

The main goal for a family restaurant is to provide great food in a warm and welcoming environment for all patrons. Your customers expect a good soundtrack, one that will be satisfying for diners of all ages. Modern upbeat pop, classic rock or Motown are certain to engage and entertain listeners of all ages and keep them returning over and over. Our songs are carefully selected and individually reviewed for content, using our three-category rating system which lists songs as “Super Clean,” “Clean,” or “Explicit.” Unlike many streaming services, you can be certain that music labeled “Super Clean” is in fact appropriate for children, teens, and families. We also offer several Disney and movie-themed playlists, specifically designed to enhance the family experience.

Fast Casual

The mood should be upbeat in a fast casual setting, where customers want to enjoy a quick lunch or a bite before the game or show. Customers want to order their food, enjoy a good meal, and get out seamlessly. So, they’ll “eat to the beat,” with modern pop, rock, R&B, or even hip-hop moving things along smoothly in this environment. The key is expediency and quick turnover, a model that My Instore Radio playlists support every day of the year.

Bars, Pubs and Taverns

Bars and Pubs want to make customers feel comfortable, extend their dining and drinking experience, and encourage them to return frequently. Classic pop and rock music playlists are good choices for these types of establishments, as they provide familiar music for diverse audiences. My Instore Radio separates pop, soft rock, and rock music by decades from the 1960s through the 2020s, providing bar mangers with numerous options. Country music can also be a popular choice in bar-style restaurants, and we provide several playlists from classic country to contemporary sounds.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and similar establishments want to create warm, memorable moments with customers. Popular playlists in this casual environment might be anything from classic jazz to soft rock to indie-folk, just a few of the many trendy playlists that encourages patrons to linger over a second cup of java or perhaps order something from the bakery.

Holiday Playlists

Certain times of the year demand certain musical genres. When you think of holiday music, My Instore Radio has the best customized holiday playlists. With the right music, customers will linger a while longer in your establishment when they need to take a break from shopping. My Instore Radio also has playlists for holidays including Halloween, Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day.

How Music Shapes the Dining Experience

In a restaurant environment, music matters. Quiet, reflective songs encourage relaxed contemplation; medium tempo sounds at moderate volume promote busy, engaged behavior, whereas louder, fast-paced music is appropriate in a high-energy, crowded setting. Music influences staff behavior in restaurants as well. The right music can both calm and energize both customers and restaurant staff. Your staff needs to stay positive, so even in stressful moments when your restaurant is packed, upbeat, cheerful songs will improve their mood and increase productivity.

Overall, providing the right background music in your restaurant is an essential component of the dining experience – enhancing ambiance, influencing dining pace, reinforcing brand identity, and contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

My Instore Radio is a streaming service built for businesses large and small, providing curated and constantly updated background music for every retail environment. All music on the platform is fully licensed for commercial use, and our music managers screen every song in the database, ensuring the safest music experience for your customers.

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