The revolution in content creation is just around the corner, and the exciting Sage AI subscription offer is here.

April 19 18:15 2024

As AI technology matures, content creation is undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation. At the forefront of this transformation, Sage AI is leading a creative revolution in the industry, committed to building a high-quality content creation platform driven by AI and big data in Web3. As a pioneer in the creative field, Sage AI provides global content creators with a new, intelligent way of creation, greatly enhancing production efficiency and enriching content forms and styles.

The integration of AI and big data

Sage AI is built upon the most cutting-edge machine learning models that combine AI’s deep understanding and content generation capabilities, capable of creating rich and complex text, images, and video content based on user needs. Sage AI not only deeply integrates renowned neural networks such as ChatGPT, DELL-3, and SORA but also specifically develops one-click AI content creation tools for Web3 requirements, aimed at promoting the efficient development of the Web3 content ecosystem. The promotion and use of these tools can ensure not only an increase in the quantity of various types of content but also a significant leap in quality and diversity.

Market Progress and Cooperative Highlights

Since the launch of the Sage AI project, our market performance and collaborative achievements have been impressive. While gaining widespread attention and recognition from creators and users globally, we have not only integrated with Whistle’s creative backend through our excellent natural language processing capabilities but also established a deep strategic partnership with BIKA Global, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. This partnership has successfully propelled the initial coin offering (IDO) of Sage AI. This not only signifies the technical leadership of the Sage AI team but the forward-looking cooperation also provides robust financial support for the Sage AI platform, laying a solid foundation for further development.

Sage AI has completed five rounds of fundraising, each exceeding its goals and generating strong responses in the market. The total funds raised in these rounds exceed $100 million, which fully demonstrates the revolutionary potential of Sage AI and SAI tokens in the Web3 content creation sector and the significant market demand.

The core of these achievements is our dense technical development and extensive user base. We take pride in this and will continue to dedicate ourselves to bringing the power of AI to every user who wishes to create content in a more relaxed, efficient, and innovative manner.

Ecosystem Expansion

Sage AI continuously reshapes the content ecosystem with breakthrough innovations. As the functionality and ecosystem gradually improve, users will be able to directly experience content creation services driven by advanced algorithms, thus ushering in a new era of personalized, automated, and efficient creation.

After the functions of Sage AI are officially launched, Sage AI’s native token, SAI, will also circulate more effectively on platforms such as BIKA Global. The SAI token is not only the basic transaction medium for the Sage AI platform but also key to sustaining and motivating the entire ecosystem.

Leveraging the broad user access brought about by the launch of its functions, Sage AI will further deepen its cooperation with global content creators, platform users, and various partners. It will delve deeper into the potential of AI in content creation and management, injecting innovative vitality into the Web3 content market.

Based on the progress and achievements of Sage AI, the platform is now at the optimal time for launch, and a transformation in the content creation field is just around the corner.

Exclusive Subscription Offer Event

To celebrate the official launch of Sage AI and encourage more users to experience cutting-edge AI creation services, Sage AI has carefully planned a special subscription offer event. This event will provide a rare discount—users can enjoy a 50% discount on subscribing to AI creation services. This represents a significant giveback to the creator community and will also further promote the widespread adoption of Sage AI technology.

【Event Time】

April 21, 2024, at 00:00 (SGT)

【How to Participate】

1.Visit the official Whistle website at

2.Download the Whistle APP, register, and log in to your Whistle account within the APP.

3.Go to the “Subscription Offers” page within the Sage AI mini-program to participate.

4.Read the event rules and confirm your intention to participate.

5.Follow the event guide to complete the purchase process for SAI tokens.

6.Upon successful purchase, the acquired SAI tokens will automatically be used to activate the corresponding AI creation services.

【Participation Conditions】

The event is open to all Sage AI users, including new users and those who have already registered.

Each user has only one opportunity to purchase SAI tokens at a discounted price, which can be used to redeem AI creation services.

【Important Notes】

The purchase and use of SAI tokens during the event strictly follow the event rules. The purchased SAI can only be used for subscribing to Sage AI services and must not be used for any other form of transaction or withdrawal.

All participants should pay attention to the terms mentioned in the event rules to ensure their rights are not affected.

Through the steps outlined above, users can easily complete the event registration and enjoy the conveniences and discounts brought by Sage AI. Through this event, users will not only experience the charm of AI creation services but also unleash their imagination and inspire their creative potential through the powerful capabilities of Sage AI.

Sage AI believes that this event will be an excellent opportunity to explore the infinite potential of AI creation. We warmly invite creators and users from around the world to join us in witnessing and promoting the renewal of the content creation industry. Let us step into a new era of smarter, more efficient creation together.

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