New Jersey Trust Attorney Christine Matus Discusses Estate Planning Options in New Article

May 08 15:02 2024
New Jersey Trust Attorney Christine Matus Discusses Estate Planning Options in New Article

New Jersey trust attorney Christine Matus ( has released a new article titled “Should I Have a Will or a Trust in New Jersey?” which provides valuable insights into the nuances of estate planning within the state. The article, published by The Matus Law Group, offers a detailed comparison between wills and revocable living trusts, helping residents make informed decisions about managing their assets.

In the article, the New Jersey trust attorney explains the functions and benefits of both wills and revocable living trusts. Christine Matus states, “Understanding the differences between a will and a trust is crucial for effective estate planning. Each legal tool serves distinct purposes and offers unique benefits depending on an individual’s circumstances.”

The comprehensive guide describes the mechanics of how revocable living trusts can be used to maintain control over one’s assets while alive, and how they simplify the transfer of assets after death, thus avoiding the often lengthy and costly probate process. The New Jersey trust attorney also explains how wills are essential, particularly for nominating guardians for minor children and ensuring personal wishes are respected and executed.

Christine Matus elaborates on the practical implications of each option, noting, “A revocable living trust offers considerable control and flexibility during one’s lifetime, while a will primarily outlines directives to be followed after one’s passing. In many cases, having both a will and a trust can provide the most comprehensive protection and benefits.”

The article further discusses the potential downsides of each estate planning tool, such as the upfront costs and maintenance associated with living trusts, and the probate process associated with wills. This balanced approach helps readers weigh the pros and cons according to their personal estate planning goals.

Christine Matus emphasizes the importance of personalized legal advice, stating, “Each individual’s situation is unique, which is why tailored legal guidance is paramount. Our goal at The Matus Law Group is to help clients understand their options and make choices that best protect their assets and their loved ones’ futures.”

The article encourages New Jersey residents to consider their long-term financial and personal goals when choosing between a will and a trust. It serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive estate planning and the role of qualified legal counsel in navigating these decisions.

The release of this informative article reaffirms The Matus Law Group’s commitment to educating the community on important legal matters and providing comprehensive legal services that address the specific needs of individuals and families in estate planning.

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