Next Week: Creative Biolabs at the PPA Science & Technology Fair – Spring 2024

May 08 21:57 2024
Creative Biolabs is set to attend as a vendor at the Spring Science Technology & Career Event organized by the University of Pennsylvania Penn Postdoctoral Association (PPA) on May 15, 2024.

New York, USA – May 8, 2024 – Creative Biolabs, a CRO offering biopharmaceutical development solutions, highlights its participation in the upcoming PPA Science & Technology Fair, which serves as a vital platform for industry vendors to showcase cutting-edge technologies while supporting the diverse initiatives of the association and, importantly, creating career opportunities across the biomedical community.

“At the event, we plan to present our advanced offerings aimed at accelerating antibody development. One of the key solutions to be featured is Hyperdoma™, a high-throughput hybridoma generation platform that incorporates a unique electrofusion system and screening methods of innovation like ClonePix 2, fluorometric microvolume assay technology, and celigo image cytometer to screen out the best antibodies applicable for any research, and in the meantime, the electrofusion and the high-throughput screening methods generate an expanded positive clone pool to greatly increase the chance of obtaining the most suitable clone.” According to an expert at Creative Biolabs.

In addition, Creative Biolabs will showcase its B cell sorting system, designed to separate, isolate, sort, and characterize B cells with specificity for desired antigens. Utilizing FACS (fluorescent activated cell sorting), LCM (laser-capture microdissection), microengraving, and droplet microfluidics, the system allows for the ultra-high-throughput, single-cell resolution identification of challenging and potent antibody-producing cells.

“We’ll also introduce our exclusive forte, de novo antibody sequencing, at the event, which is definitely worth spending your time for. This platform holds the unchallenged ability to achieve 100% accuracy in antibody sequencing by precisely distinguishing between leucine and isoleucine based on the proprietary database assisted shotgun sequencing (DASS) technology.” The expert added.

To complement its showcase, Creative Biolabs will also present its epitope mapping platform, CreMap™, which allows for the precise identification and characterization of antibody binding sites on antigens and plays a critical role in understanding the interaction between antibodies and their targets, crucial for optimizing antibody design and engineering.

“We are thrilled to participate in this Spring PPA Science & Technology Fair and take our front-line solutions for advancing antibody development,” said the expert. “We look forward to engaging with researchers and industry partners at the event and contributing to the scientific community’s quest for groundbreaking therapies.”

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Creative Biolabs takes the lead in providing cutting-edge technologies aimed at accelerating antibody development for scientists and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The company’s expertise and commitment to advancing antibody development make it a valuable partner in the scientific community. Its forthcoming 2024 exhibition arrangements include PEGS Boston Summit, BIO International Convention, Exosome-Based Therapeutic Development Summit, World Bispecific Summit, and World ADC San Diego.

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