Coin Muhendisi Collaborates with Alaya AI to Introduce Web3 Innovations to Turkey

May 09 17:27 2024

Leading communities in the Turkish cryptocurrency domain, including Coin Muhendisi, express their enthusiasm for partnering with Alaya AI. Alaya AI stands as a pioneering Web3 endeavor, with the primary aim of catalyzing blockchain innovation and fostering community engagement. As a facet of this collaboration, prominent Turkish communities are undertaking a series of initiatives aimed at fortifying the capabilities of the Turkish crypto sphere and augmenting awareness regarding the potential of decentralized technologies.

To inaugurate this collaboration, communities have launched an exclusive airdrop campaign featuring USDT and BNB tokens as incentives. This campaign is geared towards incentivizing community participation and encouraging Turkish users to embrace Web3 technology. Participants stand to gain rewards by engaging with the Alaya AI platform and contributing to its ecosystem.

Furthermore, these communities take pride in announcing their recent branding campaign atop Istanbul’s iconic Bosphorus Bridge. Against the backdrop of spectacular lighting and visual effects, the bridge was illuminated with the logos of Alaya AI and the Turkish flag, symbolizing a commitment to innovation and technological advancement. This landmark event not only captivated audiences but also underscored the dedication of the Turkish community and project stakeholders to make blockchain accessible and influential within Turkey.

Commenting on this collaboration, major Turkish communities remarked, “We are delighted to collaborate with Alaya AI in bringing the advantages of Web3 to the dynamic Turkish cryptocurrency community. Through our collective endeavors, our objective is to educate, inspire, and assist individuals in embracing the future of decentralized technology with Web3.”

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