Mars Translation Shared 3 Proven Translation Approaches That Never Let Their Clients Fail in the Foreign Markets

May 10 01:09 2024

The business landscape is experiencing a paradigm shift. The phenomenon of globalization has ripped down geographical barriers and created an interconnected marketplace. While this presents many opportunities for companies to expand their reach, it also makes it challenging to navigate the complexities of communication across diverse languages.

Whether it is a marketing campaign where persuasive dialogues fall flat in another language, or a software program with instructions that make international users scratch their heads, language has been a major obstacle for companies that want to target foreign markets and expand their customer base.

This is when companies like Mars Translation, which uses strategic translation approaches, step in. With a global client base of the world’s top organizations, Mars Translation employs the best technological tools, resources, and strategies to eliminate language barriers for its clients, and allow them to communicate seamlessly with their overseas customers.

Technology Powered Translation Solutions

Since 2002, Mars Translation has adapted and optimized their translation processes, utilizing the best technological tools that allow them to cope with the rapidly changing demands of the industry.

Centralized Translation Management System

Efficiency is the key to good quality translation outcomes, continuously and quickly. A professional translation management system acts as a central hub for all translation projects. Its smart automation features eliminate repetitive tasks and enable seamless file organization, and quick data retrieval.

Automated QA & Editing Tools 

Along with manual quality proofreading, Mars Translation also uses QA and editing tools for quick grammar and spelling checks to ensure basic accuracy. These tools speed up the editing process and free up space for human editors to focus on more nuanced revisions.

Terminology Management Systems 

For large scale translation projects, Mars Translation uses a terminology management system that ensures consistent and accurate translations. It keeps all translators on common ground and makes them stick to one brand voice, tone, and preferred vocabulary.

Communication Platforms

Mars Translation focuses primarily on effective and seamless communication between all internal and external teams, including translators, editors, and project managers. It allows all teams to interact with each other in real time, work collaboratively, and streamline communication.

Tailored Translation Services for All Industries

Mars Translation has designed industry specific translation solutions to effectively cater to the unique project needs of each client.

Game Translations 

In the gaming world, the right use of language and cultural references significantly impacts a player’s experience. An example of this is “Pokémon Red and Green.” In the original Japanese versions, a key plot point involved trading a prized Krabby for a valuable Machoke. However, a literal translation of these names resulted in players being asked to trade a “Crab” for a “Macho.” It seems like a minor difference created confusion and frustration for many players who didn’t understand the significance of the specific Pokémon being traded. Thus, flawless translation is important for games. Mars Translation’s industry specific video game translation services are intended to preserve the original player experience in all languages.

Software Translations 

Imagine an error message popping up on the accounting software mid-tax return. It reads “Datenverlust erkannt” (German for “Data loss detected”). Without understanding the message, the user might lose valuable work. This is why certified software localization services are crucial. By precisely translating error messages, user manuals, and interface text into the user’s native language, software becomes more accessible on a global scale. Professional software translation services not only reduce frustration, but also ensure users can navigate the software effectively, maximizing its potential.

Medical Translations

 Clear and accurate communication can be the difference between a successful treatment and a devastating misunderstanding. To avoid life-threatening conditions, where a mistranslation can lead to a misinterpretation of a patient treatment plan or test report diagnosis, healthcare providers must get medical translation services from reliable agencies with certified translators. Mars Translation’s professional translations guarantee clear patient-doctor communication, allow patients to actively participate in their healthcare decisions, and ensure they receive the proper treatment.

Financial Translations

In the critical world of finance, businesses have to be very careful while translating their annual financial reports, bank statements, contracts and agreements, tax documents, etc. For instance, a simple translation might convert “annual percentage rate” (APR) to a direct translation in another language. However, a financial translator would use the equivalent term used in that specific country. It will ensure clear communication and avoid confusion for the recipient. Mars Translation has been providing accurate financial translation services to international clients for the past two decades and has built its credibility as a trusted translation partner.

High Performance Infrastructure to Bring the Best Out of Translators 

Qualified translators require an efficient system in place to work optimally and deliver the best results. Mars Translation takes care of clients’ data confidentiality, process transparency, on-time delivery, best quality, and cultural appropriateness, which one can’t expect from a freelance translator.

Quickest Turnaround 

To scale globally, businesses require quick and continuous translation delivery that will reduce their time to market in foreign regions. At Mars Translation, they have established a system that streamlines workflows and ensures smooth translation processes. The automated operations reduce manual efforts and significantly cut the time required for translations.

100% Confidentiality 

Mars Translation understands the importance of their clients’ data security, employs robust security measures, and follows strict confidentiality policies that guarantee confidentiality of client information. Only authorized personnel can access the data, and every translator has signed an NDA to keep the client’s information protected throughout the translation process.

Best Quality Results

The company uses a multi-step quality control process that guarantees the accuracy and consistency of every translation. At Mars Translation, the translated documents are reviewed by experienced linguists and editors so that the final product meets the highest standards. A project manager is assigned to each project who is responsible for not just quick delivery, confidentiality, and transparency but also making sure that the final deliverables meet the clients’ expectations and will help them achieve their growth goals in a foreign market.

Introducing CCJK | Mars Translation Sister Company Working Towards a Common Vision

Mars Translation isn’t alone in its mission to break down language barriers. They are joined by their sister company, CCJK, a leading provider of B2B translation services, specializing in more than 230 languages. CCJK is specialized in a wide range of industries. From gaming translation services to e-learning platform localization, the company has got everything covered.

CCJK understands the unique demands of B2B communication and focuses on building long-term partnerships with large-scale clients, providing a dedicated team of experienced linguists with deep industry knowledge. Clients working with both Mars Translation and CCJK benefit from a streamlined workflow. A single point of contact manages all projects and ensures consistent foreign brand communication.

Brand Localization Gets to Be Easy!

Mars Translation is a full suite language translation agency that takes complete care of brands’ localizations for foreign regions. It allows businesses to access innovative technology, industry expertise, and global reach without breaking their banks. It also empowers them to get away with the challenges of international business communication and scale into new markets with confidence.

Mars Translation – A Preferred Translation Agency of the World’s Leading Organizations

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