Ningbo Hub South Area Development Planning and Core Area Urban Design Competition Starts

May 10 18:03 2024

Recently, the Competition of Ningbo Hub South Area Development Planning and Core Area Urban Design kicked off, and design institutions with innovative spirit and design experience from all over the world were openly invited to apply for the job.

Project solicitation content and design scope

The south area of Ningbo Hub is the area in front of the comprehensive transportation center of Ningbo Hub, and it is also the riverside area where Fenghua River, Yinjiang River and Shanjiang River meet. It aims to grasp the regional development opportunities brought by Ningbo Hub, gather the functions of international exhibition, corporate headquarters, business, fashion consumption, culture and leisure, and build a model of Chinese-style modern new district. To achieve the strategic goal, shape the core image and improve the quality of the city, the innovative development planning and urban design with international vision, forward-looking thinking and guidance for the high-quality construction of the south area of Ningbo Hub are publicly solicited from the world.

The focus of this solicitation is the district development planning, and based on this, the overall urban design of the core area is carried out. Urban design results require adapting to the overall development mode of the area, mainly used for the implementation and detailed decomposition of control rules, requiring clear urban planning control schemes such as urban design guidelines, and providing architectural concept intention schemes for important urban landmarks and scenic spots.

The planning scope is east to Airport Road and Dongjiang River, south to Fangqiao High-voltage Corridor, west to Qianyu Village, Sunwang Village, Wang Jiaqiao Village, Shagang Village Boundary and Pansha Road, and north to the planned Tonggang Avenue, with a land area of about 39.9 square kilometers. The urban design scope of the core area is east to Chehedu Village and Hujiadu Village, south to Fenghua River, west to planned exhibition avenue and Yongjin Expressway, and north to planned Tonggang Avenue, with a land area of about 12.7 square kilometers.

Schematic diagram of scheme collection scope

Collection methods, procedures and fees

The solicitation announcement is scheduled to be released on April 30th. This project adopts the method of public solicitation, including four stages: registration and pre-qualification, scheme design and optimal scheme determination, scheme deepening and candidate scheme determination, scheme optimization and successful scheme determination.

After expert review, each participant who meets the requirements of the concept plan solicitation task book will receive corresponding fees according to its ranking: the successful participant will receive design compensation fee and deepening fee of RMB 9.5 million (including tax); The second and third participants received design compensation of RMB 5 million (including tax) respectively; The fourth to eighth participants: they were awarded the design compensation fee of RMB 800,000 (including tax) respectively; The ninth to fifteenth participants received design compensation of RMB 300,000 (including tax) respectively. If, after the expert review, the design achievements of the participating projects do not meet the depth requirements of this design achievement, the scheme solicitation unit will deduct the design compensation fee according to the relevant provisions of the solicitation documents.

Applicants (independent or consortium leaders) who are interested in participating in the registration can log in to the online bidding system ( of Ningbo Sunshine Procurement Service Platform from 9:00 on April 30, 2024 to 23:59 on May 14, 2024 (Beijing time), and register offline at the scheme collection agency.


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