BougeRV Introduces the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge: A Robust Cooling Solution for Adventurous Souls

May 10 18:12 2024

BougeRV, the leading provider of outdoor and automotive accessories, unveiled its latest innovation, the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge, at the Adventure Van Expo in San Juan Capistrano, California this past weekend. It is BougeRV’s first fridge designed specifically for Overlanding, a must-have in this dynamic community. This heavy-duty modern metal fridge introduces a robust and high-performing cooling solution, designed to withstand tough environments and cater to the needs of adventurers seeking rugged reliability.

During the event, BougeRV’s booth attracted over a thousand attendees, underscoring attendees’ tremendous interest in the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge. The overwhelmingly positive response reaffirms the immense interest and demand for innovative outdoor solutions.

“Our latest Rocky 12V Portable Fridge, perfect for overlanding, offers significant convenience for a variety of challenging outdoor environments,” noted Rachel, BougeRV’s American spokesperson. “In the future, we will participate in more local exhibitions and events, to bring more innovative and meaningful products to outdoor enthusiasts, enhancing their outdoor living experience.”

Engineered with a modern metal casing, the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration. Shockproof up to 40°, it maintains stability against rough terrain and unexpected encounters with wildlife. The fridge’s easy-to-clean surface resists fingerprints, ensuring durability and hassle-free maintenance. With a weight capacity of up to 664 lbs, it is a dependable companion for any expedition.

Tailor cooling needs with dual or single-zone options, allowing users to choose between fridge or freezer settings. The system features independent temperature controls, a removable divider, and a nested basket for organized storage, providing flexibility for diverse adventures.

Equipped with an independent battery, the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge ensures extended cooling capabilities, making it ideal for long journeys. Designed for efficient power integration, it offers options for solar panel connectivity, promoting a sustainable approach to energy usage.

Innovative design features such as a two-way door design enable access in narrow spaces, enhancing convenience during outdoor excursions. The flush-mounted aluminum alloy handle and built-in battery compartment maximize space and minimize damage risks. Enhanced user interaction through APP control and a high-resolution LED display allows for remote monitoring and adjustment of settings, providing ultimate convenience and control at your fingertips.

BougeRV’s presence at the Adventure Van Expo yielded tangible results. The unveiling of Rocky at the Adventure Van Expo sparked widespread enthusiasm and excitement among attendees. Its unparalleled durability, versatile cooling options, and user-centric design captivated the imagination of Overlanding enthusiasts. With overwhelming interest and positive feedback, BougeRV proudly looks forward to the widespread adoption of Rocky as the ultimate Overlanding companion.

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BougeRV was founded by a group of outdoor vehicular adventurers. Coming from the French verb “bouger”, which means to move, the freedom of movement encompasses BougeRV’s outdoor spirit. BougeRV is dedicated to creating a sustainable future through green energy solutions, their offerings empower off-grid enthusiasts to embrace the outdoor lifestyle they desire. They are committed to being the ultimate one-stop solution for your traveling ecosystem, while offering home-based solar solutions for emergency power outages, providing customers with the freedom to live comfortably and stylishly, both on and off the grid. For a cross-country road trip, a weekend camping, or more, BougeRV helps you MAKE THE JOURNEY!

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